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HTPG Releases New Unit Coolers

Center Mount and Low Velocity Center Mount unit coolers are optionally available as EcoNet-enabled unit coolers.

Heat Transfer Products Group, LLC (HTPG), manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment sold under the recognized brands of Russell, Witt, Kramer and ColdZone, recently announced the release of its new Center Mount and low velocity Center Mount unit coolers. The models are optionally available as EcoNet® Enabled Unit Coolers. The new design features sloped housing for efficient condensate draining, easy service access, improved fan guard design and deep draw venturi to achieve optimal air flow, coils with enhanced copper tubing, and high efficiency motors. The units can be used with multiple refrigerants, are NSF approved for use in food preparation areas, and are available in air and electric defrost configurations.

HTPGCenter Mount EcoNet Installed.jpg

The models are optionally available as EcoNet®-enabled Unit Coolers. Sloped housing allows for efficient condensate draining, easy service access.

“The Center Mount and Low Velocity Center Mount unit coolers add increased versatility to HTPG’s award-winning EcoNet Enabled Unit Cooler portfolio. These low height models mount flush to the ceiling to provide extra storage space and provide a complete refrigeration solution for small to medium walk-ins when used with the company’s award-winning Next-Gen ½ to 6 HP condensing units,” said Paul Westbrook, HTPG’s director of sales and marketing.

For energy efficiency, Center Mount and Low Velocity Center Mount models include single speed EC motors that can be field or factory wired for dual speed operation. Dual speed EC motors are compliant with California Title 24 requirements. The units feature enhanced copper hairpins for maximum heat transfer while reducing refrigerant charge. The two-way air flow provides for even air circulation and consistent temperature. Optimal air flow pattern is achieved by the enhanced fan guard design and deep draw venturi. For increased performance, 12-in. aluminum fans are balanced to provide vibration-free operation, and fan sections are baffled to prevent short cycling of the discharge air. The lightweight, embossed aluminum housing is sloped for efficient condensate draining and is easy to clean.

HTPGRussell Center Mount Unit Cooler.jpg

Russell Center Mount Unit Cooler.

Features have also been designed into both models to make the contractor’s job easier. The top pan includes 3/8” mounting holes to simplify installation. The uniquely shaped control access cover allows for quick service in confined spaces. Fan motors and blades are reachable by removing the fan guard. Electric defrost heaters are mounted on the air intake coil face to provide optimal performance and are easily accessible by removing the venturi panel.

Center Mount Unit Coolers have an air flow range spanning 572 to 3,150 CFM and are optimal for use in beer caves and walk-in coolers and freezers. Low Velocity Center Mount models have an air flow ranging from 632 to 3,160 CFM and are ideally suited for walk-in coolers like florist boxes; produce storage; meat cutting, holding and packing rooms; and similar applications. Both models mount flush to ceiling and are the perfect choice for walk-ins with very low headroom clearance. Optional features include EcoNet Enabled Controller, EcoNet Command Center, mechanical or electric thermostat, thermostatic expansion valve, electronic expansion valve, liquid line solenoid valve, insulated drain pan, heat exchanger, coated coil, and more.

The award-winning EcoNet Enabled Controller and EcoNet Command Center bring easy-to-use smart technology to commercial refrigeration applications. The optional factory-installed EcoNet Controller gives customers a higher level of efficiency and more control of their walk-in units for greater energy savings. The EcoNet technology saves energy in refrigeration systems through precise superheat and space temperature control, fan cycling, and controlling how often the system goes into defrost based on compressor runtime. The EcoNet Controller is shipped from the factory with the controller board already installed and all sensors and relays wired. The controller replaces the TXV, liquid line solenoid valve, room thermostat, time clock, and defrost termination and fan delay. Parameters are pre-selected to match equipment which saves installation time as well.

Adding the optional EcoNet Command Center allows for EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers to be programmed, monitored, and troubleshot outside of the space being cooled. This enables the user to get a true picture of the walk-in’s condition without entering the walk-in, and easily make any necessary corrections. One display is able to control up to 32 devices including the Command Center. The EcoNet Command Center includes everything in the box to quickly install the device on a wall outside of the walk-in. System set up is easy with the intuitive touchscreen installer settings.  

Center Mount and Low Velocity Center Mount models will be available directly from the factory and finished goods warehouses across the country. For more information about HTPG’s family of commercial refrigeration solutions, visit

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