Hy-Vee Stores Join GreenChill



Hy-Vee, Inc. announced that the company has joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) GreenChill program, which exists to reduce refrigerant emissions and thereby help improve the environment.

“Hy-Vee’s participation in GreenChill underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability in all aspects of our operations,” according to Michael Smith, Hy-Vee’s Director of Real Estate & Sustainability.

“From the design and construction of our stores to our energy conservation, waste reduction and product sourcing efforts, Hy-Vee has adopted a host of earth-friendly practices that promote the well-being of customers, employees, communities and the global environment.”

By joining GreenChill, Hy-Vee commits to:

  • Requiring that all of its new and remodeled stores use environmentally friendlier refrigerants.
  • Reducing the amount of refrigerant they use and eliminate refrigerant leaks.
  • Adopting green refrigeration technologies, strategies, and practices.
The GreenChill Partnership was launched in 2007. It now includes 49 partners with close to 5,500 stores throughout the U.S.
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