List of EPA-Certified Refrigerant Reclaimers

As the January 1, 2010 deadline for reduced R-22 production approaches, HVACR contractors and distributors will need to rely more on the services of refrigerant reclaimers.
It's essential that the HVACR industry maintain a significant stockpile of R-22 refrigerant after 2010. Beyond that date, manufacturers will only make enough R-22 to service existing systems.
Refrigerant reclaimers take used refrigerant, purify it, and put it back into circulation.
Reclaim services vary. Some will provide on-site recovery at the contractor's office or the job site. Others provide cylinder drop-off services.
Your local distributor may also be working with a reclaimer.
The attached PDF contains a list of refrigerant reclaimers in the U.S. who are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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