Polar Technology Rolls Out EcoPlant Mobile Unit

Polar Technology Rolls Out EcoPlant Mobile Unit

Polar Technology, Nashville, TN has rolled out what is described as a "precedent-setting" EcoPlant – a mobile, 53-ft. comprehensive and fully contained recovery, reclamation, and recycling unit for refrigerants and high-pressure gas (SF6).

"EcoPlant is a 'game changer,' in that we now have the capability to go on-sight to any customer and perform all of the work of practically any sized job, stay on site if need be, and the material never needs to leave the property," says Ted Atwood, owner/president, Polar Technology.

The EcoPlant unit has the full functionality of Polar Technology's plant operations, and contains the following features and capabilities:

  • Electrical: 100/240V
  • Storage: Refrigerants - 15,00 0 lbs./SF6 – 5,000 lbs
  • Compressor: Oil-Free Vacuum
  • Pump: Stokes 150 CFM


  • 15 lbs./minute R-22 vapor
  • 100 lbs./minute R-22 liquid
  • 14 lbs./minute: SF6 vapor.

Reclaim capacities:

  • 50 lbs./minute
  • Dot 39 – one-ton fill capability
  • On board laboratory testing
  • Repackaging
  • OT-certified ISO tanks
  • Can reprocess recovered refrigerant from used to virgin state.

Polar Technology is deploying additional recovery units throughout the U.S., for easy and rapid response and fast turnaround. refrigerantauthority.com

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