RSES Updates Conference Session Offerings

Aug. 9, 2018
Sessions run from Oct. 10–12, 2018, and participants can earn up to 16 Continuing Education Hours toward NATE recertification.

Rolling Meadows, Ill. (Aug. 8, 2018) — Event officials for Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) has provided expanded descriptions of its educational sessions for the 79th RSES Conference and HVACR Technology Expo (co-located with PHCC CONNECT), to be held at the Albuquerque Convention Center in New Mexico. The sessions run from Oct. 10–12, 2018, and participants can earn up to 16 CEHs toward NATE recertification. The lineup for Wednesday, Oct. 10, will include the following topics.

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“HCs as Refrigerants, Part 1,
” presented by Art Miller of KAM Associates/RSES—This session will begin with why use HCs as refrigerants, then moves onto the regulations and standards, refrigerant properties and safety, and system component compatibility.

“Fundamentals of Proper Installation of Residential Gas Furnaces,” presented by Tom Schaefer of the RSES Niagara Frontier Chapter—This session is designed for installers of residential gas fired furnaces and includes the utilization of install manuals and start-up sheets for furnaces with a brief discussion of split system cooling units. Topics will include safety, ductwork, filters, gas piping, electrical power, condensate piping, venting, configuration, combustion air and venting systems, start-up and adjustments, safety controls, normal operation and diagnostics, start up sheets and more.

“Retro-Survival…Refrigeration Defrost Timers & AM Replacement Parts,” presented by Peter Greisinger of Robertshaw—This session will include technical information with hands-on training on defrost timers and HVAC controls as they continue to support, thrive and survive in today’s service world. This educational class will focus on HVACR replacement products that are staples in our industry and service contractor’s daily calls.

“HCs as Refrigerants, Part 2,” presented by Art Miller of KAM Associates/RSES—This two-part session continues with servicing procedures, the refrigeration cycle, cylinder storage and transport, and conclude with tools for HC applications.

“Practical Guide to Sensor Application,” presented by John Pitcher of Weber Sensors—The presenter will give service technicians the knowledge they need to make the right choices when they are selecting sensors for a particular application. Topics will include basic types of sensors used in HVACR and how they are made, accuracy/repeatability, sensor choices for each application and protocol versus analog output.

“Why VRF? The Advantages and What It Means,” presented by Aran Winn of LG—This presentation will explore how Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology can be directly integrated into existing building management systems, affording operators a holistic window into the inner workings of their buildings. Attendees will learn about how VRF technology offers a unique set of advantages to both users and owners of the equipment, including cost-savings and a superior user experience, making it the smartest HVAC choice for new construction and renovation. Winn will also discuss best practices and lessons learned while sharing real-work experiences, case studies and strategies.

“Disaster Is Coming—Are You Ready?,” presented by Mike Thompson, CMS of the New Jersey Institute of Technology—This session will cover what you do before disaster hits. Attendees will review an incoming "storm" and prepare a plan to ride it out while taking the time of year and supplies into account. This is an interactive session with attendee participation.

“Future Refrigerant Technology/Flammability,” presented by John Maiorana of Arkema—This session will cover a brief history of refrigerants; environmental regulations; chemistry—what makes a refrigerant flammable; refrigerant technologies including fluorocarbons, hydrocarbons and CO2 and applications of each one.

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