Carrier to Incorporate Chemours Refrigerant R-454B in 2023

Jan. 4, 2019
Puron Advance™ will be offered in Carrier residential and light commercial products beginning in 2023, and is expected to surpass the requirements of anticipated future regulations.

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 19, 2018 – Carrier has identified R-454B — to be known commercially as Puron Advance™ — as its primary lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) solution to replace R-410A in all of its ducted residential and light commercial packaged solutions sold in North America. The new refrigerant, to be offered in these Carrier products beginning in 2023, is expected to surpass the requirements of anticipated future regulations. Carrier will select the best-suited refrigerant for other applications as the need arises.

Carrier has been working with The Chemours Company, a global leader in fluorochemicals and refrigerant technology, who will produce and distribute the new refrigerant in North America. With a GWP of 466 – one-fifth that of R-410A – Puron Advance refrigerant was selected as the best solution to minimize environmental impact

and energy use, while improving performance, safety, and longevity, based on the United Nations Montreal Protocol Kigali Agreement phase down plan for HFCs. Carrier has worked closely with regulators and research groups to develop standards, codes and regulations that will help ensure the safe use of R-454B.

“Carrier is committed to the environment by providing efficient, responsible solutions to its customers. The move to Puron Advance refrigerant is the next logical step in the evolution of our industry,” said Matthew Pine, president, Residential HVAC, Carrier. “We carefully studied all alternatives and chose the most viable refrigerant with the lowest environmental impact for this product category. Innovation and technological advancement are in our DNA and we will continue to lead the way with the evolution of refrigerants of the future.”

Chemours was integral to the development of R-454B.

“We designed R-454B to bring the optimal balance of performance, safety and sustainability to our customers and the market in the face of upcoming regulations,” said Diego Boeri, vice-president, Chemours Fluorochemicals. “It's exciting to see Carrier, with their history of market innovation, embrace R-454B as its long-term solution for North America as the industry prepares to move away from R-410A."

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