Rapid Recovery Opens Denver Office

Provides superior EPA documentation and service, sources say.

Rapid Recovery, a nationwide refrigerant recovery company headquartered in Peoria, Ariz., has opened a new location in Denver, which will be owned and operated by Nick Thomas. The Denver facility marks the 25th location for the company.

With locations throughout the country and work experience in more than 42 states, Rapid Recovery says it continues to expand to meet the need for EPA-compliant refrigerant recovery.

"Superior EPA documentation and service are just two of the things that set Rapid Recovery apart," says Adam Dykstra, president of Rapid Recovery. Another unique aspect is the company’s franchise model, which Dykstra explains is, "a great service, backed by local ownership that provides a huge plus for contractors."

Dykstra says Rapid Recovery is, “a genuine service company to HVAC, mechanical and demolition contractors as well as in-house facilities departments and government agencies. As the burdensome cost of technicians’ time, equipment, maintenance — and expensive, yet inadequate off-the-shelf recovery equipment are realized —Rapid Recovery is in prime position for continued growth. Contractors are realizing that outsourcing the refrigerant recovery process to an expert can add profitability to their jobs and handle all of their documentation needs.”

“Rapid Recovery is so much more than just a better way to recover refrigerant, it’s about building strong relationships and providing the best solutions for our customers. We understand that in today’s market, it’s about being a partner that provides superior service and value to enable our customer’s success.” says Nick Thomas.

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