Rapid Recovery Opens New Offices

Rapid Recovery, the largest refrigerant recovery company servicing the continental United States, announced it had opened a new service location based in Richmond, Virginia, its fifteenth service location and second new location of 2010.

A genuine service company to HVACR and demolition contractors as well as in house facilities departments and government agencies has succeeded in becoming the countries largest refrigerant recovery company. Rapid Recovery has more than doubled it’s size in the last twelve months and boasts far more than double the service locations than other companies in their field. It seems remarkable that in this current economic climate that Rapid Recovery could continue to open new markets.

With six new locations opening last year, two more already opened in 2010 and three more scheduled to open this summer, Rapid Recovery is changing the entire attitude toward refrigerant recovery, taking it from an expensive chore to a profitable and easy aspect of contractors jobs.

“The success we are experiencing comes back to our service level and the documentation that we provide. We firmly believe that once a contractor tries our service, they will immediately recognize the value added aspect of our program. I think our growth confirms that,” says Les Rhynard, Rapid Recovery's national sales and service manager.

Ray and Ivette Litt are the owners of the Richmond office. Ray and Ivette were looking for an opportunity that would allow them to assist companies with their environmental responsibilities. They found the opportunity offered by Rapid Recovery and began to research the industry and realized the potential for operating a Rapid Recovery franchise. They found that contractors were frustrated with the current programs being offered. It was also realized that Rapid Recovery actually utilizes local owners and service personnel which allows the contractors to deal with a local company owner and representatives. This is in stark contrast with the rest of the recovered refrigerant industry which typically has one office in the entire country.

Rapid Recovery offers refrigerant recovery and abatement nationwide through a franchise network. Their customer base includes refrigeration and air conditioning contractors, refrigeration wholesale distributors, demolition contractors, DOD, landfill administrators and in-house service departments. They provide on-site refrigerant recovery solutions, including job-site refrigerant recovery, recovery cylinder service, and refrigerant disposal and documentation services.

The new Rapid Recovery location of Stockton and Sacramento, CA is Dan Cline. Cline was the owner of a refrigeration contracting and service company. With 27 years in the refrigeration industry, he knows first hand about the expenses associated with refrigerant recovery due to lost time, equipment maintenance and expensive and yet inadequate off-the-shelf recovery units. He found Rapid Recovery and realized that outsourcing the refrigerant recovery was so much more efficient that he began to look at shifting his focus.

“I've seen firsthand the result of this service provided by Rapid Recovery and am very excited to have the opportunity to become involved in this business,” Cline says. He says he saw such value in the offerings of Rapid Recovery’s service as a refrigeration contractor that he decided to move from the refrigeration contracting and service business. He now provides refrigerant recovery services to his former competitors.

“I left the contracting business in order to devote my full attention to providing the best in refrigerant recovery services to the many, many contractors that are looking for a competitive edge in the business. I’ve been there and know that outsourcing the refrigerant recovery is high on the list,” he says.

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