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REFCO Guests tour facility

REFCO Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Sources say REFCO'S success was too great to wait for the 50-year mark.

More than 100 guests from 30 countries traveled to central Switzerland in September to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Swiss company, REFCO, leading developers and manufacturers of a full range of products, tools and components for the worldwide heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries.

During the event, REFCO management took the opportunity to thank all customers and business partners from around the world who helped contribute to the REFCO success story. Sources say the success was too great to have to wait five years, for the 50-year mark.


REFCO's Anniversary guests received tours of product manufacturing areas.

REFCO leadership credits its customer-focused solutions, certified product quality and international approval as major reasons why the company is a success around the globe. CEO Manfred P. Ulrich told the audience that REFCO will expand even further into new markets.

REFCO's sound financial standing was credited as another reason for continued optimism. Newly-developed products will be of top quality products and made from quality components. Today, more than 95% of REFCO's sales come from exports.


REFCO CEO Manfred Ulrich told guests the company's near future will include expanding into new areas.

During the festivities, guests became acquainted with Swiss folklore and typical Swiss foods, such as the well known Raclette and Fondue. Customers visited REFCO Manufacturing Ltd. as well as Manometer AG and Feinwerktechnik Wiegand AG to see for themselves where and how the many different products are produced. Guests were reportedly impressed by REFCO's manufacturing processes and logistics.

REFCO's product lines include professional tools and components for household appliances, the automotive industry and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration. Brand new products, such as the wireless pressure and temperature set TAP and condensate pumps were of high interest.


REFCO Anniversay guests enjoyed a fine dinner and lively conversation.

REFCO also strives to achieve high customer satisfaction, through the immediate availability of the products. All products shown in the famous REFCO product catalog are on stock and will reach the customer within a few days. The impressive high-bay warehouse ensures impeccable service and the shortest possible supply chain.

The absolute highlight of the celebration was the Gala Dinner at the Hotel Schweizerhof in Lucerne. In the world famous Hotel Schweizerhof, attended by more than 100 customers together with 70 REFCO employees.


REFCO CEO Manfred Ulrich stated that the quality of REFCO products is a result of technical and administrative support locally, in the headquarters location, and at the calibration and service center.

REFCO's Chief Executive Officer, Manfred P. Ulrich addressed the audience, and offered a look at plans for the future. He said these plans will include maintaining the high level of quality of REFCO products, and to continue to offer the services expected of all customers.

Ulrich stated that the quality of REFCO products is a result of technical and administrative support locally, in the headquarters location, and at the calibration and service center. According to Ulrich, to support the intended future growth into new markets, an increase of personnel, primarily on the senior management level, is expected.

The future will certainly bring challenges, and sources say REFCO is ready to meet those challenges. Together with a highly motivated team of business partners, customers and employees, the company is prepared to offer successful and long lasting support to all customers.

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