Refrigerants in Focus at National Conference

Training organization HVAC Excellence will provide a series of sessions focused on refrigerants during its National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference, March 20-22, Las Vegas, NV.

Dana Shanower, lead trainer for the United Association's (UA's) R-410A train the trainer program will conduct a session dealing with changes to the Montreal protocol and how the accelerated phase out of R-22 impacts the HVAC industry. The session will include safe handling, proper charging procedures, refrigerant oils, safety controls, refrigerant safety, operating characteristics of R-410A, proper application, and retrofitting.

David Boyd, Vice President of Appion will lead a session on how to accelerate the recovery and evacuation process, proper service procedures, alternative refrigerants, the pitfalls of POE oil and system evacuations, and the latest advances in ACR service equipment.

Thomasena Philen, trainer for Daikin AC, will conduct a session that explains the Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system, and its use in the HVAC industry.

An EPA regulatory update will be provided by Julius Banks, team leader and program manager for the EPA Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling and Emission Reduction Program. Banks will address regulations regarding allowances for production and imports of HCFCs, bans on the sale or distribution of pre-charged air-conditioning and refrigeration products and components containing HCFC-22 or HCFC-142b, and rules on the importation of thermostatic expansion valves.

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