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Refrigeration Briefs

RSES Announces Certificate Member Achievers
Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) has announced the names of RSES member technicians who have recently attained certificate member (CM) status.

In order to become a CM, a RSES member must first pass a rigorous examination that tests the knowledge required to install and service refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. CM-level members are recognized industry-wide as having achieved a superior level of HVACR knowledge. The RSES CM exam is based heavily on theory and practical applications.

The new CM achievers are:

Jeffrey D. Weidenbener, CM, Indianapolis Chapter, Indianapolis, IN; Charles A. Cooke, CM, Greater Chicago Chapter, Wheeling, IL; and John P. Nelson, CM, Elkhorn Chapter, Norfolk, NE.

Giant Foods Opens New Store with Second Nature Technology Built In
One of the newest stores in the Giant Foods chain opened recently in Harrisburg, PA, featuring systems from Hill Phoenix.

The store uses the Hill Phoenix’s Second Nature medium temperature system, with a 35% aqueous propylene glycol fluid and R407C, a non-halogenated refrigerant with less than half of the global warming potential of traditional HFC refrigerants. By using a low-pressure chilled water loop to circulate the refrigerant, the system eliminates the circulation of high-pressure refrigerant throughout the store floor. Sources say this allows the Second Nature system to achieve a 50% reduction in refrigerant charge.

Variable speed drives (VSDs) are also incorporated into the design, to provide precise capacity control throughout the operation, and improve energy efficiency. Copper piping is reduced by 5,000 feet.

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