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Refrigeration Briefs

White Paper Examines High Pressure in Commercial Refrigeration
High pressure (HP) control is a paradoxical solution for energy saving. It might be the best known among energy saving solutions, but its operation constraints and limits are unknown. A white paper by Schneider Electric examines the components of a commercial refrigeration system in high pressure flow control. An explanation is given on high pressure flow control, and how it’s regulated.

Schneider Electric says technological implementation of HP control is relatively easy. However, adjustments, and adaptation of the installation to maximize energy savings, are more critical, and are seldom implemented. Some HP controls installed on refrigerating units don’t generate any energy savings, because they’re poorly adjusted, or not adjusted at all. Others led to technical problems and were abandoned.

The white paper presents state-of-the-art HP regulation, and examines the implementation of HP control. Contractors can find the free white paper at: hpwhitepaper

Condensate Evaporator Has Weight-Activated On/Off Switch
Keil® Refrigeration Hardware has released the T12 series condensate evaporators with a weight-sensing on/off pressure switch. The switch only activates when the pan is full of water, resulting in lower energy costs.

In addition to the on-off pressure switch, Keil condensate pans use state-of-the-art PTC resistor heating pad technology, with a resistor wire to regulate the wattage consumed based on the temperature of the pan. Keil says this conserves energy by not constantly operating at peak wattage.

A 50 fl.oz. cast aluminum reservoir and an 18-in. removable cord set with bare leads are standard features. Both the 160 WATT standard duty (4-5 fl. oz./hour evaporation rate) and 300 WATT heavy-duty (7-8 fl. oz./hour evaporation rate) models are available for 117/120 volt and 220/240 volt applications. These units are NSF listed and UL recognized.
— Keil Hardware
Circle 224

ESCO Institute Provides Kindle Version of EPA Section 608 Manual
Section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act requires that persons who work with regulated refrigerants become certified.

Since the program's inception, technology has greatly changed. Today, a large percentage of industry training is conducted online. People read industry news on their smartphone, order supplies on their computer, used their tablets to diagnose systems from a remote location, and attend online training. The demand for online content continues to grow.

In today's society everything is instant or online, from banking, taking and exam, or purchasing a book. As the demand for online testing has grown, so has the need to deliver preparatory materials in various electronic formats.

Persons studying in school today take classes online, submit their projects to teachers online, take exams on computers and now more than ever purchase their study materials online.

ESCO sources say preparing for the EPA Certification is now easier than before, as the industry's top-selling Section 608 EPA Certification Preparatory Manual is now available on Kindle, an electronic book format developed by that allows a person to download a book on a variety of devices, including: PC, Mac, Android phone, Android tablet, IPhone, IPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry Phone, and Blackberry Playbook.

In addition, a book can be downloaded on a Kindle device purchased from

Persons interested in taking the Federal Clean Air Act Section 608 exam can take the test through one of ESCO Institute’s 10,000 appointed test administrators nationwide. To find a test site in your area. call 800/726-9696.

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