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Refrigeration Briefs

New LEED to Include Refrigeration
The next iteration of the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) green building standard, LEED 2012, is under development and will contain some important changes for food retailers regarding their refrigeration systems.

One proposal is that stores that achieve a gold-level certification from the Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Partnership can earn a point toward LEED certification.
— Michael Garry, Supermarket News

RSES Awards, Leaders Announced
The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) Annual Awards Luncheon recognized contributions by chapters and members in a wide variety of categories. Among those are:
Paul Reed Award for exceptional educational programs: Catskill Mountain Chapter, Delhi, NY; Greater Toledo Chapter, Toledo, OH; Garden State Chapter, Colonia, NJ
Print Newsletter Award: Karen Krepcik, editor of the Sight Glass, Norfolk, VA
Best Electronic Newsletter: Ken Robinson, Long Beach Chapter
V.V. Solomon Award, sponsored by Emerson Climate Technologies, for contributions to student development: Dallas T. Lesley, San Antonio Chapter, San Antonio, TX
Walter Stopera Speaker of the Year Award: Jim Malone,Cowtown Chapter, Fort Worth, TX
David M.Lawson Service Excellence Award: Michael T. Heye, San Antonio Chapter
Distinguished Member of the Year: W.D. "Mac" McCarthy, CM, Cowtown Chapter

During the conference, RSES members elected a new 2011-2012 executive committee:
President: Lawrence R. Donaldson
Vice-President: Mike Eckstein, CM
Secretary-Treasurer: George S. Friedman, CM
Sergeant-at-Arms: Joe Marchese, CMS
Educational & Examining Board Chairman: Roger Hensley, CMS.

Carlson & Stewart Acquires Central Minnesota Refrigeration
Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration, Marshall, MN, has acquired Central Minnesota Refrigeration, Inc., Sauk Rapids, MN. Both companies provide industrial and commercial refrigeration systems to the meat packing, poultry, dairy, beverage, bakery and cold storage industries, as well as refrigeration equipment for supermarkets and other merchandisers.

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