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Microchannel Coils Reduce Refrigerant Charge by 75%

Sources from Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, Atlanta, GA, report the company's new HyperCore microchannel technology will help convenience store, restaurant, and foodservice operators become more profitable, and save energy. The ½to 6HP condensing unit is an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly unit that qualifies as an E+ Solutions product.

The ½- to 6 HP configurations are R-404A compatible.

Heatcraft spokespeople say the HyperCore technology allows for superior heat transfer capabilities and reduced refrigerant charges, when compared to standard copper-aluminum, round tube plate fin (RTPF) coils. By using the microchannel coils, the condenser coil refrigerant charge may be reduced by up to 75%, which can result in up to 40% reductions in system charge. Additionally, its all-aluminum construction provides protection from corrosion and refrigerant leaks. Circle 202

Cordless Leak Detector Uses Digital Signal Processing

General Tools & Instruments, NY, NY, has introduced a new, highly-sensitive cordless refrigerant leak detector, the RLD382P.

Company sources say the RLD382P is ideal for maintaining air-conditioning or cooling systems using a compressor and refrigerant. The portable unit features an onboard intake pump, to more efficiently pull gasses through its microprocessor controlled sensor. This sensor employs advanced digital signal processing, which is extremely sensitive to the full variety of halogenated refrigerants.

The instrument includes an automatic ambient reset function and a high/low leak sensitivity selector. Other features include audible alert, multi-color display, a 15-in. flexible stainless steel probe, low battery indicator, and a refrigerant sampler bottle.

General Tools & Instruments Circle 203

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