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Web-based Software Tracks Customers, Schedules Jobs More Efficiently
ServiceTask is a simple, web-based software for the Mechanical Systems Industry, developed to help mechanical contracting businesses better track customers and schedule jobs more efficiently. ServiceTask was founded on the belief that field service software should be simple to use and useful, allowing business owners to focus on what really matters: improving their business. ServiceTask sources say many service companies are finding current software on the market doesn’t meet their needs. They want to make sure they never forget to follow up with customers, fall behind on scheduling, or allow jobs to fall through the cracks. ServiceTask also makes it easier to collaborate with company members through a live recent activity feed. ServiceTask is 100% web-based software, which means business owners can manage their businesses from a browser, desktop, or mobile device. There’s nothing to install or download. Call 888/536-8275 or visit — Service Task
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Cubelet Ice Machine Produces 1,491 Pounds
Hoshizaki America’s Serenity series cubelet ice machine —FS-1500MLH-C —produces up to 1,491 pounds of chewable cubelet ice every 24 hours, and features an exclusive, space saving design. The ice machine’s shallow depth provides easy access to the dispenser bin. The pump down cycle allows for more efficient start up. Serviceability is convenient because technicians can access the ice machine from the front or the back and there are no wires between the units. The Serenity Cubelet Ice Machine easily dispenses in an ice on beverage application.The Serenity Series Cubelet Ice Machine features a condenser and compressor stationed outside the kitchen and away from customer usage, therefore, producing less heat and less noise. The Serenity Cubelet features attractive stainless steel construction with fewer moving parts which means dependability, longer machine life and energy savings. — Hoshizaki America
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