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Danfoss ETS 6 Offers More Precise Control of Superheat
Danfoss has released the ETS 6, as an addition to the ETS Series of electrically-operated expansion valves. Designed to control liquid injection into evaporators, the new valve regulates refrigerant flow by offering a total of 480 steps from fully closed to fully open and ensures precise resolution for better control of superheat, even at low flow rates. With the ability to adapt to a system’s exact capacity demands, the ETS 6 improves energy efficiency in refrigeration, heat pumps and air-conditioning systems.

The ETS 6 is compatible with all common refrigerants, including R410A, R407C, R404A and R134a. Compact and lightweight, the new valve can also be used in heat pump systems with bi-flow operation and joins a line of valves that covers the entire range of valve capacities.For more information about Danfoss ETS 6, please visit the company’s website at
— Danfoss
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Keil Offers New Energy Savers
Keil® Refrigeration Hardware, Lakewood, NJ, a brand of Component Hardware Group, Inc., has released energy efficient LED lighting fixtures for the foodservice industry. Keil LED lighting fixtures offer customers improved lighting options for cooler and freezer applications that provide ample light output for a safer working environment. In addition, operational costs decrease and natural resources are conserved. Keil sources report the fixture draws only 120V/8-22 watts of power, saving 50% to 80 % over standard fluorescent and incandescent fixtures with similar light output.

Keil’s T12 Series condensate evaporators are now available with a weight-sensing on/off pressure switch that onlyactivates when the pan is full of water, resulting in lower energy costs. Keil condensate pans feature state-of-the-art PTC resistor heating pad technology, which uses a resistor wire to regulate wattage consumed based on the temperature of the pan, which helps to conserve energy by not constantly operating at peak wattage.
— Keil Refrigeration Hardware
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