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Cordless Grease Gun Delivers 25% Greater Pressure

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation, Brookfield, WI, has expanded its lithium-ion system line with the addition of the M12 cordless grease gun. With up to 25% more pressure and run-time than other brands, the grease gun can delivering more than 8,000 PSI maximum operating pressure for heavy duty applications. It dispenses up to seven grease cartridges per battery charge. Sources say the M12 is the only tool in its class with a system of compatible tools, offering the user greater utility in drilling, fastening, lighting, and cutting.
Milwaukee Electric
Circle 181

Balance Valves Feature Field-Adjusted Cartridges

Two new low flow automatic balance valves from Bell & Gossett feature a unique field adjusted cartridge that allows the user to select exact flows for specific applications. The Low Flow Circuit Sentry and the Low Flow Wye-Strainer are designed for automatic flow limiting style balancing of both HVAC cooling and heating circuits. Ideally suited for small coils that keep constant fluid flow, the Circuit Setter valve automatically compensates for fluctuating pressure conditions. Small and compact for tight spaces, the Circuit Setter valve features an integrated P/T port with space saving “T” handle shut-off, an optional P/T port for flow verification, and a union-ended tailpiece for quick installation and maintenance.
ITT/Bell & Gossett
Circle 182

Master-Bilt Offers Retrofits

Master-Bilt, New Albany, MS has designed a retrofit program for walk-in coolers, which feature a variety of cost saving options to extend the life and improve efficiency, safety and appearance of any walk-in product from Master-Bilt and competing brands. Under the program, customers can replace old or worn out refrigeration systems or individual compressors to improve performance. Master-Bilt retrofit doors replace well-used or damaged doors, even those of competitors, to provide better insulation and aesthetics.
Circle 183

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