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Leak Detection Dye Contains Stabilizer

Cliplight Mfg., Toronto, Canada, has introduced Flash — a new class of ultra violet (UV) leak detection dye. Flash doesn't contain polyolester (POE) oil as a carrier, but instead uses Cliplight's own Dry R drying agent, which keeps the dye stable and prevents it from crystallizing with moisture. Flash uses Cliplight's patented injection hose with Dry R, allowing the dye to mist into the system for instant distribution. Flash eliminates the task of dripping highly viscous dye through an applicator/injector into the system oil sump, and then waiting for the system's circulating refrigerant to distribute it. The dye flashes as a moisture-free mist, mixing instantly with refrigerant/oil.
Cliplight Mfg.
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BernzOmatic Torch is Faster, Hotter, More Compact

BernzOmatic® has released Quickfire®, a new high-performance torch that uses a high intensity swirl flame. The flame is hotter and more efficient, for 30% faster soldering time, according to company sources. Quickfire was designed with a 40% height reduction, for extra maneuverability and control in tight spaces for multiple applications. Quickfire features an on-off trigger, which eliminates the need for a sparking tool to ignite it. The torch is fed by a Quick-Connect canister that fits all torches on the market (see inset). One cylinder provides enough fuel to solder 200 fittings. Quick-Connect uses Max Power propylene fuel, which sources report is 20% hotter and faster than propane fuel. — BernzOMatic
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