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Emerson Copeland Scroll Designed for Low Temperature Cascades
Scroll Designed for LowEmerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, has released a new line of Copeland Scroll compressors designed for use with carbon dioxide (CO2 ) refrigerant in low-temperature subcritical cascade cycle applications. The company is working with U.S. original equipment manufacturers in the U.S. who serve the supermarket refrigeration industry to test systems using the new Copeland Scroll compressors.

The Copeland Scroll compressor is hermetically sealed, eliminating possible leak points found in reciprocating compressors, such as gaskets and bolted joints, to reduce the potential for direct refrigerant leaks. The compressor’s strong steel shell allows these compressors to withstand the high pressures associated with CO2 systems.

A complete summary of the direct and indirect impact of different systems was detailed in a recent Emerson Climate Technologies webcast, which can be viewed by visiting — Emerson Climate Technologies

Zero-perm Tape Featues UV-Resistant Facing
Venture Tape Corp., Rockland, MA, has introduced VentureWrap 1555W/U, a white, zero perm, UV-resistant facing. VentureWrap can be used as a sealant inside ductwork or as a low temperature vapor barrier on freezer walls where permeability is a concern. It’s also used as a zero-perm jacketing on all types of pipe insulation. Insulation and refrigeration contractors will favor this product as an alternative to many other vapor retarders.

VentureWrap 1555W/U is a three-ply laminate constructed of 1 mil aluminum foil in between a layer of 0.5 mil polyester film and a white polypropylene outer layer. According to the company, it can also be used over other types of pipe insulation, including foam glass, urethane, Styrofoam or fiberglass, and can be applied with spray glue, double-sided tape or with Venture Tape 1555CW-W tape.

VentureWrap is ASTM E-84 listed and cuts and fabricates easily. Its temperature resistance ranges from -40F to 240F. F

Visit for additional information. — Venture Tape

Robinair Introduces Digital Gauges
Digital GaugesRobinair’s Digital Gauges (P/N 11910, 11920) automatically perform pressure temperature calculations for up to 17 different refrigerants. The gauges feature a compact design, large display, and bright backlight, to provide technicians with accurate readings and ease of use in various locations.

The gauges are compatible with numerous manifolds. Low pressure (0-250 psi) and high pressure (0-500 psi) gauges available.

Visit for additional information. — Robinair

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