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Refrigeration Service Today: Products for July 2014

Refrigeration Service Today: Products for July 2014

Measure Dimensions of Coolers, Other Spaces Quickly and Accurately
The new lightweight and compact TLM65 laser distance measurer from Stanley Tools features a variety of functions in an easy-to-use design.

The TLM65 laser distance measurer is small enough to fit in a pocket and provides a great resource for multiple trades. The distance measurer is accurate to within 1/8-in. A simple two-button design makes measuring distance, calculating square-feet, and even cubic-feet quick and easy.

With continuous measurement, finding your target distance is easy, fast, and efficient. The TLM65 laser distance measurer was designed by Stanley’s team of world-class engineers and industrial designers to be a versatile electronic tool that delivers an unprecedented level of accuracy, reliability and long-term performance. The handheld, battery-powered device feature state-of-the-art electronics and easy to read LCD screens that make the process of taking long measurements or performing complex calculations fast and easy.

Find it at mass retailers, home centers, and independent retailers.         

Refrigeration Controller Provides Access to Any Value or Configuration
The Frick by Johnson Controls Quantum HD controller has been designed to provide peace of mind to the user and equipment owner. The controller’s large, high-definition display provides easy reading of operating values and control settings. The user can access any control, calibration, or configuration value using the on-screen touch control or keypad. Daily operations from the main office include single-touch access to change the capacity control mode and setpoint, compressor mode, capacity slide, volume slide, and speed.

Single-touch manual control is also provided for starting and stopping compressor, documentation and user-defined value screens. The Quantum HD uses the same familiar hardware as the current Quantum LX control panel. According to Frick, this minimizes the troubleshooting learning curve often associated with new products, and reduces inventory levels of replacement parts.   

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