RSES Quenches Thirst for Knowledge

RSES Quenches Thirst for Knowledge

The surrounding desert was parched, but the RSES conference in Tucson, AZ was an oasis of technical information for HVACR contractors.

The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) headed west for warmer temperatures and focused learning, at the 73rd RSES Annual Conference & HVACR Technology Expo, Nov. 9-13, in Tucson, AZ.

Billed as "A Thirst for Knowledge," this year’s RSES meeting had plenty of product knowledge to go around, including:

  • High pressure centrifugal fits and clearances;
  • Zoning in a green market;
  • Heating basics for gas valve systems;
  • Digital compressor operation and diagnostics;
  • Thermostat basics;
  • Refrigeration, air conditioning, and compressor controls;
  • ECM Train the Trainer sessions;
  • Radiant heating, and more.

"I wish to thank everyone for coming to Tucson, to participate in our 73rd Annual Conference," said RSES President Bruce Kampershroer, CM.

"With your continued support, RSES will be a vital force in our great industry," he said.

The keynote speaker for the RSES meeting was Peter Schwartz, the new president/CEO of North American Technician Excellence (NATE), the HVACR industry's leading testing/certification organization. Schwartz described some bold initiatives for NATE and RSES certification.

"A goal of our organizations is to have every NATE-certified technician be an RSES member, and every RSES member become NATE-certified," Schwartz said, adding that NATE will engage in a series of marketing initiatives to expand awareness and importance of HVACR technician certification across the U.S.

Schwartz pledged to maintain "uncompromising work and ethical standards," and a full commitment to NATE’s purpose, core values, and goals.

"We'll work to facilitate an environment and culture that breeds opportunities for everyone to evolve. We’ll help develop more competent, proactive professionals," Schwartz said.

The Commercial Refrigeration Contractor of the Year Award was presented to Hughes Environmental Engineering, Montvale, NJ. Many other awards were presented to dedicated, hardworking RSES chapters and members during the annual RSES Awards Luncheon. Among them:

  • The RSES Member of the Year Award was presented to Paul M. Getejanc, CM, educational chairman for the RSES Michgan State Association. "Paul consistently offers RSES seminars and testing opportunities. He’s an inspiration to others to do their best," said RSES executive vice president, Mark Lowry.
  • The John Spence Award, given to the RSES member who has achieved the highest grade in the certificate member exam, was presented to Kenneth Young, CM, Fox Valley Chapter, Dekalb, IL.
  • The Commercial Air Conditioning Specialist Award was presented to Joseph Owens, CMS, Antelope Valley Chapter, Lancaster, CA.
  • The Commercial Refrigeration Specialist Award was presented to James Hale, CMS, Indianapolis Chapter, Indianapolis, IN.
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