Welcome to Refrigerant 4-1-1

This edition of Refrigerant 411 contains a story on the severe shortage of the refrigerant R125

Welcome to the debut edition of our newest information source for HVACR contractors: Refrigerant 4-1-1.

Each month, Refrigerant 4-1-1 will provide HVACR contractors with links to news and information that will help them stay current on important refrigerant issues and trends.

We’ll also include commentary from leading experts in the field, including formulators, distributors, reclaimers, and of course, HVACR contractors.

Apart from the economic situation that’s affecting HVACR companies, no other topic has gotten as much attention as refrigerants, the lifeblood of home comfort and commercial food preservation systems. Refrigerant affects more aspects of your business than does any other component. It touches on training, inventory, cash flow, safety, stewardship, system efficiency, and your ability to deliver prompt service to your HVACR customers.

For example, this edition of Refrigerant 4-1-1 contains a story on the severe shortage of the refrigerant R125 (HFC125) that has rippled through the industry for many months. It’s a perfect example of what I mean about refrigerants’ wide influence over your business:
• R125 is a necessary component in the production of R410A (as well as R410A, 402A, 402B, 404A, 407A, 407C, 408A, and 507). HVAC contractors and commercial refrigeration contractors alike are dependent on its continued availability.
• Demand for R410A has increased in popularity since the official R22 phaseout of January 1, 2010.
• Therefore, any consequence that affects the availability of R410A —on top of the increased demand caused by the R22 phase out —spells trouble for HVACR contractors whose inventories are usually replenished on a weekly or monthly basis.

If you haven’t planned well in advance for major needs, it may be too late to get R410A when you need it, at a locked-in price.
Remember also, in case you start to feel comfortable with what you think is a settled issue, that there are those who are planning for the ultimate phase out of R410A. You can be sure we’ll go through this again.

What you think about the logic or necessity of a refrigerant phase out doesn’t matter. All you can do is run your business as efficiently as possible, and work to make a profit. Stay in contact with your distributors (who are often the first to know), plan ahead, and watch for Refrigerant 411 every month in your inbox.

Let me know which refrigerant issues you want to see covered in this newsletter. Please feel free to call or write to report on something you feel is important to your industry colleagues.

I can be reached at 216/931-9732, or by email, at [email protected]

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