West Coast Contractors: Refrigerant Seminars Scheduled

Seminars in Bakersfield, Visalia, and Fresno

With the R22 phaseout underway, the industry is moving to a new series of alternative or replacement refrigerants. These new refrigerants have some unique characteristics and contractors that are in the know will be better equipped to navigate the changing landscape. That's why a California supplier — Refrigeration Supplies Distributor — is providing three seminars for HVACR contractors, on March 28-30.

"The Changing State of Refrigerants" will cover:

  • The status of the R22 phaseout
  • The latest refrigerant-related legislation, and what it means to HVACR contractors
  • The new R22 replacements — including R404a, R407a, R407c, R407f R422c, R427a, R438a, and R507 — and where each of these products fit in the markets you serve, and how best to apply them.
  • The uniqueness of R410A.

Dates, locations, and contact information:

March 28, 2011
RSD Bakersfield 621 E. 21st St.
Bakersfield, CA 93305
Phone: 661/325-7421
Contact: Mark Miranda

March 29, 2011
RSD Visalia
9946 W. Nicholas Ave.
Visalia, CA 93291
Phone: 559/651-0635
Contact: Gary Guron

March 30, 2011
RSD Fresno
2208 E. McKinley Ave.
Fresno, CA 93703
Phone: 559/233-0755
Contact: Tommy Thompson

Dinner will be provided at 5PM.

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