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5 Big Installation Mistakes That Can Hurt HVAC Energy Efficiency

Every customer wants an HVAC unit that works well and keeps their home or office temperate. However, most also want a system that won’t be a black hole when it comes time to pay the energy bill.

A recent study from the National Institute of Standards and Technology found that even if a customer purchases the best, most energy-efficient air conditioners, heat pumps and other tools, it may go to waste if the equipment is not properly installed.

"Our measurements indicate that improper installation could increase household energy use for space heating and cooling on the order of 30 percent over what it should be," says Piotr Domanski, leader of NIST research on the performance of HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

Domanski, along with Hugh Henderson of CDH Energy Corp., and NIST mechanical engineer Vance Payne took on a three year study and found that HVAC systems as they are usually installed may waste a large amount of energy. Here are some common installation mistakes the team pointed out.

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