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5 Steps Turn Features into Benefits

5 Steps Turn Features into Benefits

Ed. note: HVAC contractors always want to know the features and benefits of HVAC equipment. But as a quality HVAC contractor, you also provide features that translate into distinctive and valuable benefits for your customers. Tom Casey, Jr. explains:

The client may or may not understand, or even care about specific features of your products or services. What they care about is what’s in it for them, or what benefit they will get from a particular feature.

Don’t assume the client will intuitively or automatically see the benefit from the features your sharing. Remember, the client is buying benefits, not features.

Here’s how you transform any feature into a tangible benefit:
1) Clearly define the feature itself. For example: All of our associates receive over 50 hours of continuing education per year.
2)  Describe why/how the feature is a benefit to the client. For example: Our techs can service/install systems more effectively & efficiently by being current on the latest, best practices and standards.
3) How is that different than others? For example: Continuing education is not a requirement for our trade, and we do it voluntarily, while others either don’t do it at all or only once in a great while.
4) Why is that better? For example: This is better, because our techs are able to get the job done right the first time, and in most cases quicker to save you money.
5)  Pose a closing question. For example: Given a choice of a highly trained crew versus one with minimal training, who do you think will do a better job accomplishing your goals.

To summarize:

Define / Benefit / Different / Better / Question.


Here’s how the five steps are applied in a discussion with a client:
“Mr. & Mrs. Smith, here at Climate Partners, all of our associates receive over 50 hours of continuing education each year, which means they can service and install your air conditioning system more efficiently and effectively.
“This is not a requirement for our trade, but we take the time and invest the money to ensure you always have the best professionals in your home.
“As you can probably imagine, we can get your job done right the first time, usually saving you time. And we all know that time is money, right? So, given a choice of highly  trained professionals versus the alternative, who do you think will do a better job helping you accomplish your goals?”

You should have a benefit for every product or service you sell; call it a “Reasons to Buy” list if you’d like.

Don’t forget, clients are selfish, and rightfully so, since they’re spending hard-earned money to have what you’re selling. They’re only interested in how what you’re selling will benefit them. Nobody wants to buy heating or cooling; they want to buy the benefits of heating & cooling!


Tom Casey, Jr. is chief quality officer at Climate Partners, Milford, CT, a multi-generation company in existence since the early 1900s. Climate Partners has won multiple Quality Home Comfort Awards, for excellence in efficient home HVAC installations. Tom currently resides in Saint Johns, Fla., where he is also serving as a consultant to HVAC businesses. He can be reached at [email protected] / 518-732-JEDI.

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