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7 Tips for Contractors to Stay Safe in the Freezing Cold

If you run a contracting business that repairs and installs HVAC systems, which customers need in order to stay warm inside their homes during these freezing cold stretches, staying inside during the coldest days is simply not an option.

However, contractors are human too. They get cold and when the weather drops below freezing and face the same risks as anyone else. Although we all know someone who thinks they’re tougher than the weather, dangerous conditions stay dangerous no matter who you are.

How can you ensure your employees stay safe when working outside during some of the most bleakly gelid days of the year? Some simple safety precautions should help remind everyone about what they should be doing when the temperature drops below safe levels. Here are seven tips contracting businesses should remember once the weather goes subzero.

Have any other cold weather tips we may have missed? Drop us an email at [email protected]. We’d love to hear some advice from the pros that have learned to deal with the cold snaps over years of experience.


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