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9 Ways to Leverage HVAC Company Awards

It's been said that eventually, everyone wins an award. Kind of like that "15 minutes of fame" thing.

Well, so be it. But when you win one, let's hear about it. What will you do to publicize that award, in a way that brings attention and hopefully, sales?

People love winners. And when you show customers and prospects that you have indeed received recognition — in other words, you're an industry leader — results will come.

Matt Michel, CEO of Service Roundtable, believes many contractors may win awards, but few leverage them to build their brands and drive sales. Click through the gallery for Matt Michel's nine ways to maximize your next award, and some additional tips. (Images by Thinkstock)

Matt Michel is CEO of the award winning Service Roundtable, which has been listed in the Aggie 100 for four consecutive years, the Inc. 500|5000 for three consecutive years including three consecutive years in the top 70 or better for business products & services worldwide, and is a past member of the Dallas 100. 

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