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Let customers know HVAC best practices during snowy conditions (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
<p>In the midst of February, we&rsquo;re starting to see some snowy conditions across this great country of ours</p>

Advise Customers on HVAC Best Practices During Snowy Weather

In the midst of February, we’re starting to see some snowy conditions across this great country of ours. For all the HVAC business owners out there, now can be a great time to create a bond and new level of trust with customers by giving them some friendly reminders about HVAC best practices during the snow.

One company, Aprilaire, said homeowners should prepare for furnace failure and clear their HVAC exhaust in anticipation of snow and cold weather.

·  Prepare for furnace failure: Even gas furnaces will not supply heat in a power outage since the fan and pilot are electric. Wood stoves and fireplaces are safe ways to heat the home, but no other indoor fires should ever be lit. Operating outdoor BBQs (including propane) inside and inhaling deadly carbon monoxide is the leading cause of death during a power outage. If you don't have another heat source, dress warm and grab plenty of blankets.

·  Clear HVAC exhaust: Heavy snow can also disable a furnace by blocking its exhaust vent on the outside of the home. Be sure to keep it clear as snow drifts push up against the house.

What advice would you give your customers this winter? Let us know some of your best on Contracting Business’ Twitter page.

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