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    Sept. 1, 2008
    Various related products are available to purify air and channel it accurately and efficiently.

    Various related products are available to purify air and channel it accurately and efficiently.

    American Standard has launched new furnaces and air handlers that make it easier for dealers to fit clean air into systems that are hampered by tight spaces.

    The furnaces and air handlers have a built-in American Standard AccuCleanTM filter, which sources describe as the industry’s only one-inch filter that removes up to 99% of airborne allergens down to 0.3 microns from the filtered air.

    According to company sources, the technology can be integrated into American Standard Freedom® 80 and 90 Comfort-RTM Furnaces and American Standard variable speed air handlers. The cleanable filter never needs replacing, reducing operating costs for homeowners.

    As part of a matched system, the Freedom Comfort-R furnace and variable speed air handler give customers a clean and comfortable home. American Standard’s patented Comfort-R feature delivers consistent temperatures, humidity control and energy efficiency, sources say.

    Visit www.americanstandardair.com for additional information.

    The Greenguard Environmental Institute awarded the flexible duct products of Atco Rubber Products, Inc. with Greenguard for Children & SchoolsSM Indoor Air Quality Certification, under the Greenguard Product Certification Program. The ATCO, Valuflex, Flex-Aire, and OmniAir brand flexible duct products were rigorously tested according to the stringent Greenguard for Children & Schools standard for low emitting products. Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified® Products are monitored to assure low emitting status and compliance with the Greenguard for Children & Schools product emission standard.

    Poor Indoor Air Quality degrades the quality of life for building occupants and homeowners and can trigger respiratory diseases such as asthma. Chemical emissions from common interior products are a major source of indoor pollution. Greenguard sources say choosing low emitting products significantly reduces the level of irritating contaminates in the indoor environment.

    Greenguard certifies a broad range of interior products for low emissions.

    Visit www.atcoflex.com for additional information.

    The Bryant Perfect Air™ Purifier helps to ensure indoor air quality for homeowners by capturing and killing airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores. With high filtration efficiency, the Perfect Air Purifier treats 100 % of the HVAC system’s air flow at up to 15 MERV equivalent efficiency, Bryant sources say.

    The Perfect Air Purifier’s exclusive germicidal technology removes and kills up to 99.9% of the human influenza virus, the common cold virus and SARS virus, as well as 99% of the measles, avian influenza, and tuberculosis germs from a home’s filtered air. The Perfect Air Purifier also captures and kills smallpox, anthrax and staphylococcus germs. Bryant spokespersons report the same technology is trusted to protect secure government facilities and hospital rooms in some facilities.

    Visit www.bryant.com for additional information.

    Based on the success of its steel fixed-bar grilles, Continental has launched new aluminum models for this product family, which is now featured on a new Internet microsite. The new models feature rigid aluminum construction and are for commercial and high-end residential use. They can be used for supply or return air. The grilles have horizontally mounted face bars at 40 or 60 degree deflection, come in a true white finish and are made in the U.S.

    Visit www.MyNewFGB.com for additional information.

    Frigidaire’s new MB6 modular air handlers are sized to fit the brand’s new C6 cased coils. The modular blowers come in three cabinet widths ranging from 14.25 to 21-in., and work with condensing units ranging from 1.5 to 5-tons.

    According to company spokespersons, dealers can mix and match the modular blower with existing cased coils. They can assemble an air handler configuration to meet the homeowner’s needs, while stocking only three models, versus up to 20 or more with a traditional one-piece air handler. The two-piece design also means installation is easier for a single person in tight spaces, such as in an attic.

    Visit www.nordyne.com for additional information.

    Greenheck’s heavy duty HBTR-451 bubble-tight damper is designed to meet the requirement for zero leakage. The HBTR-451 features a silicone blade seal and double gland axle seal. The seal is factory-tested to ensure bubble-tight performance at up to 30-in. differential pressure. The HBTR-451 damper is recommended for twoposition shut-off applications, including medical facilities and laboratories, food processing, military facilities, campuses, test laboratories, clean rooms, and microelectronic manufacturing.

    Visit www.greenheck.com for additional information.

    Honeywell launched the TrueSteam™ humidification system, a new highperformance, application flexible system that allows homeowners to select their desired humidity set points independent from air temperature. Three models offer different control options. The TrueSteam system provides the high efficiency and decreased water consumption of steam-based humidification, with more versatile installation options, sources say.

    The Honeywell TrueSteam humidification system requires a small 1.75 –in. cut into ductwork and then easily mounts on a separate, lightweight bracket. The system's push terminals enable easy wiring and are routed through an interior harness so no wires are exposed. In addition, the system can be remotely mounted up to 20-ft. away from the desired humidification zone, providing limitless installation opportunities. This flexibility is particularly well suited for HVAC equipment in unconditioned or tightly fit areas such as attics, crawl spaces or mechanical rooms, where traditional flow-through humidification was not possible. The TrueSTEAM system uses multiple water sensors located in a separate compartment to accurately monitor water levels. The system’s patented condensate collect dome and nozzle prevents water from condensing out of the unit and ensures only true steam is delivered into the airflow. The system uses up to 70% less water, and delivers a near 1:1 humidification delivery rate. This is to provide users with reliable and efficient moisture levels, sources report.

    Visit www.forwardthinking.honeywell.com for additional information.

    QuietFlex has introduced 100% formaldehyde-free flexible ductwork.

    The QuietFlex 100% formaldehydefree flexible duct features Johns Manville formaldehyde-free insulation. According to company sources, the ease of installation and use of the QuietFlex flexible duct cuts down installation times, and saves costs.

    A wide variety of 100% formaldehyde-free QuietFlex duct sizes are available, from 3-in. to 22-in. duct, and up to R-8 thicknesses.

    All QuietFlex products are backed with a five-year limited warranty.

    Visit www.quietflex.com for additional information.

    Jackson Systems
    Jackson Systems, LLC, announces the TK-400 universal twinning/paralleling kit. The TK-400 is designed to allow a single thermostat to control two separate HVAC units. The TK-400 can also be expanded to control a total of four HVAC units.

    The TK-400 can be used on common or separate ducted systems with single stage, multi-stage, and heat pump equipment. Only standard 18-gauge thermostat wire is required. Thermostats and HVAC units can be located up to 300-ft. from the TK-400 panel. When HVAC units share a common return and supply duct, backdraft dampers should be installed and thermostat fan operation must be set for electric.

    Visit www.jacksonsystem.com for additional information.

    Selkirk’s new AirMate® 1300U Series of T-bar diffusers are designed to accept field installed collars ranging from 6-in. to 14-in. The series is constructed from stamped steel and has an electro-deposition paint (EDP) finish for long life. The diffusers are available in both two or three-cone face. They fit into standard 24-in x 24-in. T-bar ceilings.

    Visit www. Selkirkcorp.com for additional information.

    Thybar seismic curbs for rooftop HVACs are designed t o withstand severe wind loads and seismic activity. Each curb is manufactured to the seismic design criteria required by geographic location. Curbs for rooftop mounted equipment are quickly manufactured to precise specifications by Thybar Corporation. Each curb is custom manufactured, due to the varying specifications of rooftop units and seismic requirements. Delivery is usually within weeks after receipt of the order.

    Options include built-in filters, extra height for installation of sound traps beneath the unit, built-in roof pitch, and a pressure treated wood nailer.

    Visit www.thybar.com for additional information.

    Tjernlund's residential capacity Dryer Duct Booster® is ideal for restrictive or long dryer exhaust duct that runs over 25-ft. Company sources say the product saves energy by reducing drying times up to 50%. It also reduces lint build-up, dust, and fire hazard potential, sources report. The Dryer Duct Booster maintains proper velocity in duct runs up to 100- ft. It features the Lint BlitzerTM material handling blower wheel and a 5-year, noclog guarantee. It plugs into standard 115 VAC outlet and is automatically activated by clothes dryer. The 50 watt, permanently lubricated motor is not exposed to heat, lint or moisture. A vibration- isolated mounting bracket rotates 360 degrees to accommodate any mounting orientation.

    Visit www.tjernlund.com for additional information.

    A new air handler from Trane has what sources describe as the industry’s only one-inch filter to remove up to 99% of airborne allergens from filtered air down to 0.3 microns.

    The 2/4TEE3D air handler has a built-in Trane CleanEffectsTM filter, the patented technology that is 100 times more effective than typical one-inch filters, according to company spokespersons. Integrating the technology into the air handler and the Trane two-stage XV90i furnace eliminates the need for a separate, whole-house air cleaning appliance. This saves space and installation time and costs.

    Trane sources say the cleanable filter never needs replacing, which also reduces operating costs for homeowners.

    Visit www.Trane.com for additional information.

    Zonefirst has introduced a new Outlet Zone Damper (OZD).

    When trying to add zoning — especially to older homes — the ducts aren’t always accessible for damper insertion. The OZD solves this problem by allowing the technician to insert the damper at the outlet, behind the existing floor/wall register or ceiling diffuser. The thin profile — less than 3.5-in. with motor — allows the damper to insert into the floor duct boot. The OZD is powered by Zonefirst’s plug-in damper motor and includes 100-ft. of plenum rated cable that can be run through the duct system back to the zoning panel.

    The OZD is an opposed-blade damper powered by a plug-in damper that allows up to ten dampers to be controlled from one zone. The ability to control up to 10 dampers provides maximum flexibility to combine several rooms into one zone, or to have each room as a zone.

    Visit www.zonefirst.com for additional information.