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    Editor’s Notebook: Tech Update Commercial Unitary and Residential Indoor Air Quality Products

    Jan. 10, 2013
    Commercial Unitary Products include chillers, variable refrigerant flow units, and applied equipment. Residential Indoor Air Quality includes humidifiers, dehumidifiers, energy recovery ventilators, heat recovery ventilators, ultra-violet lights, filters, filtration systems, duct cleaning equipment, instruments, and testers.



    LL Series chillers and outdoor mechanical rooms are available from 50-365 tons with VFD controlled variable speed scroll compressors that allow the chiller to maintain the leaving water temperature set point at all operating conditions. During part load operation, reducing compressor capacity saves system operating costs. aaon.com


    Daikin McQuay
    Daikin McQuay introduces a new energy recovery wheel option for the Rebel rooftop unit.
    The energy recovery wheel option recovers approximately 75% of energy from the exhaust air stream. As the wheel rotates, outside air is drawn across one-half of the wheel while exhaust air is drawn across the other half, transferring sensible and latent energy between the ventilation and exhaust air streams.  daikinmcquay.com 

    Lennox Commercial
    The Energence 3- to 50-ton rooftop unit product line combines ultra-efficient performance with the intelligent Prodigy control system, standard on every unit, to achieve a low total cost of ownership. The Energence line features ratings up to 18 SEER, 12.8 SEER and 15.5 IPLV, and is Energy Star qualified. lennoxcommercial.com

    Mitsubishi Electric
    Mitsubishi Electric announces significant improvements to its variable refrigerant flow (VRF) zoning R2-series and Y-series cooling and heating systems. According to company sources, industry-leading efficiencies, a smaller footprint and improved heating startup make these outdoor units ideal for a variety of commercial applications.

    Both units take advantage of Mitsubishi Electric’s inverter-driven compressor technology and use intelligent controls for superior operation.  mehvac.com

    Thybar’s Retro-Mate is custom made to adapt an existing roof curb to a new rooftop unit. According to company sources, it saves time and costly roof reconstruction, preserves roofing integrity, reduces system downtime, and takes advantage of existing ductwork. thybar.com


    American Standard

    American Standard announces the AccuClean whole-home air filtration system. According to company sources, the filtration system removes up to 99.98% of allergens from the filtered air.

    According to company sources the system is 100 times more effective than a standard one-inch throwaway filter or ionic-type room appliance. americanstandardair.com

    Field Controls
    Field Controls introduces two major enhancements to the Healthy Home System. The system converts any forced air system into a total indoor air quality system, providing fresh, clean, and pure air. The system features a new advanced control that’s interactive, intuitive, and integrated. The easy-to-use unit controls the central fan on a programmable schedule.

    Field Controls

    Fieldpiece Instruments introduces the SCM3, a new hand-held carbon monoxide detector. Designed for HVAC field service, the hand-held digital carbon monoxide detector has a three-pin electrochemical sensor that’s fast enough to perform walk-around tests to help pinpoint sources of dangerous carbon monoxide. fieldpiece.com

    Fresh-Aire UV
    Fresh-Aire UV introduces the Mini UV System, a germicidal ultra-violet light system designed specifically for mini-split and other ductless air conditioning units in residential and commercial applications.

    The Mini UV’s patent-pending miniaturized components, consisting of two pencil-thin, 9 (L) x 3/8 (D)-in. UV lamps and a 6 (W) x 1.5 (H) x 1 (D)-in., 120 or 208-230-VAC power supply, fit inside all ductless AC brands. freshaireuv.com 

    The Goodman brand DMH900 air filtration unit removes, reduces and inhibits allergens, biological pollutants, chemical contaminants, atmospheric dust and odors throughout the entire house — all in a single-unit with reduced installation time, and no external ducting required.

    A true HEPA-certified, whole-house air filter, the DMH900 uses the latest three-stage Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) technology.  The DMH900 can be installed duct-mounted, collar-mounted or free-standing. goodmanmfg.com

    Honeywell dehumidifiers use precore technology, which directs the air over the coils twice to improve efficiency. This results in a large kw/liter savings to the homeowner vs. competitive products, sources say. The dehumidifiers feature coil ecoatings and space saving designs, which lower the footprint of the unit up to 50%.  forwardthinking.com

    LG Electronics USA introduces a new multi-zone split heat pump system. The LG Multi F Max system (LMU540HV) increases capacity to a nominal capacity of up to 54,000 Btuh, from the previous multi-zoned system capacity of up to 36,000 Btuh. Adding branch distribution to LG’s Multi F product family also effectively doubles the number of potential temperature control zones available, now offering up to eight individual zones for customized comfort.   lghvac.com


    Rotobrush International announces its new product release to the HVAC industry market: the aiR+XP air duct cleaning machine. The new aiR+XP machine offers the following features:

    • Designed specifically to safely and efficiently clean all types of ductwork, including flexible ductwork
    • Lightweight and portable
    • 50-ft. total length of hose (standard offers 35 ft.).   rotobrush.com

    Every Trane FreshEffects energy recovery ventilator is packed with high-quality components. Trane’s FreshEffects transfers energy from the air being exhausted from inside to the air being drawn in from outside, making for a more energy-efficient home.
    The product features an adjustable control that provides 24/7 automatic ventilation. The cabinet is powder-coated, and all component materials are rigorously tested for long-lasting performance and durability. trane.com


    Trion introduces the D75 and D95 whole house dehumidifiers. The dehumidifiers are equipped with an onboard adjustable humidistat and fan control. Both units optimize ambient humidity between 48% and 60% when interlocked with the air handler. It operates with the air conditioner to balance the humidity levels in the home, but can also work independently on days when the air conditioner isn’t required. trioniaq.com