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    MARCH 2013 Products/Showcase Award

    March 5, 2013
    This month, we’re featuring Emerson’s Copeland Scroll Compressor and Rheem’s H2AC Rooftop Unit, the winners in the Forced-Air Cooling category.
    Rheem Delivers Integrated Air and Water System for Full Service Restaurants
    Rheem launches a first-of-its-kind integrated air and water system, which has the power to dramatically reduce utility costs for full-service restaurants. The Rheem H2AC rooftop unit featuring eSync integration technology unites a restaurant’s HVAC and water heating systems to achieve significant efficiencies. It works by using the heat removed from the restaurant by the HVAC system—which would normally be rejected into the atmosphere—as an efficient source for heating water.www.rheem.com circle 145    
    Field-Tested, Award-Winning Copeland Scroll Variable Speed Compressor Delivers Performance Enhancements The Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor has now been improved to offer 20% more capacity turndown to 1500 rpm, which translates to greater comfort and energy savings for homeowners. Designed for high efficiency heat pump and air conditioning systems, Emerson’s Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor has been popular with contractors, who have seen the installed heat pumps achieve an unprecedented 13 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor), 20+ SEER efficiency, as well as up to 40% greater year-round energy savings for their customers over standard heat pumps.www.emersonclimate.com circle 146


    TerraLUX Introduces Powerful New LED Flashlights

    TerraLUX Inc. introduces two new models to its LED flashlight product line. 
    All TerraLUX flashlights are weather-resistant, use the latest high-brightness LED technology, and are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The two latest flashlight models being introduced by TerraLUX are the LightStar 300 and the LightStar 80.

    The LightStar 300 is designed specifically for users who need high light output, but use their lights at close range. Features of the LightStar 300 include: dual mode 300/100-lumen output, a wide spill beam pattern with broad “hot spot” in the center, and a easy click on/off tap button to switch modes. The 6-in. long, 5.3-oz. LightStar 300 has a 3-hour battery life in high beam mode and a 24-hour battery life in low beam. The light comes with 2AA alkaline batteries, pocket clip, and attached wrist strap.

    The smaller LightStar 80 is the ideal penlight for jobs in tight spaces and those that require the use of both of your hands. The LightStar 80 is designed to meet the needs of professionals with a unique, warm, high CRI (color rendering index) LED color spectrum that brings colors to life unlike any other LED light. In addition to a strong clip that can stand up to being attached to a hat, and most importantly a rubber BiteGrip so users never have to scrape their teeth on a metal handle again. The LightStar 80 is 5.5-in. long and weighs 2.4-oz. It has a 5-hour battery life runtime and comes with 2AAA alkaline batteries and a high tension, reversible pocket clip. batteryjunction.com
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    Johnson Controls Launches Chiller Solutions with Advanced Solar Technology
    Johnson Controls introduces a solar cooling solution to reduce energy costs for large buildings across North America by combining its high-efficiency chillers with hybrid solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) technologies.

    The solution uses the York Absorption chiller and features PV waste-heat recovery technology, converting 75% of the sun’s rays into energy, compared to 15% efficiency in a traditional PV system. The solution qualifies for state and utility incentives across North America, especially in warm climates where cooling demand places a significant stress on the power grid, driving up electricity rates.

    The solar-cooling solution integrates into any building controls system, including the Metasys building management system. It generates hot water for the absorption chiller to air condition buildings and electricity to reduce demand from the power grid. The solution features a solar-collector system developed by Cogenra, a leading developer of distributed solar cogeneration technology, based in Mountain View, CA.
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    M&G DuraVent Gets Bradford White Approval for Venting Systems
    M&G DuraVent announces that it has gotten more key approvals for PolyPro Venting Systems. Bradford White has now approved PolyPro single-wall, concentric, and flex for all Power Direct Vent tank-type water heaters that accept PVC, CPVC or ABS venting.

    All Power Direct Vent models are approved to be vented with PolyPro. Bradford White’s approval includes their high efficiency condensing commercial, power direct vent commercial, residential power direct vent, and residential power vent models.

    PolyPro is an engineered system specifically designed for venting heating appliances. Gasketed joints require no primers or adhesives and easily assemble in seconds with just a splash of water. Terminations are designed for superior performance in poor environmental conditions. PolyPro is tested and listed to the ULC S636 standard in Canada and rated as a Class IIA, IIB, and IIC vent system. PolyPro offers the only double-wall polypropylene flex in the U.S., making it durable for relining masonry chimneys, factory-built chimneys, and useful for relining B-vent pipe when retrofitting it to use as a chase. PolyPro is superior in performance and easier to install than PVC or CPVC pipe, which were designed for irrigation, not venting. PolyPro has been successfully venting appliances in Europe for over 15 years.
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    GeoStar Introduces Variable Capacity Sycamore Series Geothermal Comfort System
    GeoStar introduces the Sycamore Series geothermal comfort system, which combines a variable capacity compressor with a variable speed blower motor and a variable speed loop pump to provide energy-efficient comfort, while protecting the environment. The use of variable technology allows the unit to scale output to exactly the level needed, rather than running at one or two speeds, like the majority of HVAC systems.

    Available in 3- to 5-ton capacities, the Sycamore Series achieves an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 41 and a 5.3 coefficient of performance (COP), which represents efficiencies more than twice that of ordinary heat pumps or air conditioners and a third higher than current two-stage geothermal heat pumps. The Sycamore’s variable capacity compressor offers soft start capabilities that eliminate light flicker and gently ramps up to speed for quiet operation.
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