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May 16, 2024
Contractingbusiness 2272 Qhcalogo Launches Online Entry Form for HVAC 'Quality Home Comfort Awards'

March 25, 2013
Residential HVAC contractors can now use an online entry form to enter residential HVAC projects in the annual "Quality Home Comfort Awards" contest.

Submitting projects to the Quality Home Comfort Awards just became a lot easier. Beginning this week, residential HVAC contractors can now use an online form to enter recent residential HVAC projects in the "Quality Home Comfort Awards" contest.

This development coincides perfectly with the recent redesign of the website, which has resulted in a tremendous increase in traffic since its January debut.

Residential HVAC contractors can now easily navigate through a series of questions, and provide project details online. Photos and a commissioning statement can also be easily "zipped" and uploaded into the online form.

The Quality Home Comfort Awards first appeared as an HVAC industry original awards program in 1991. The goal was then and remains to recognize quality in professional residential HVAC contracting. Since that time, more than 100 outstanding HVAC projects have been recognized. Winning projects will be featured in the July edition of

"We've made this improvement because we realize HVAC contractors are busy professionals, who jump at the chance to use time-saving technology. At the end of a long day, when the family is waiting at home, preparing binders filled with papers and photographs doesn't always rank very high on their 'to do' list," says Terry McIver, executive editor. "As a result, we often find we receive a rush of entries very close to or beyond the deadline. The simplified entry process will help HVAC contractors send their entries in sooner, and with less work."

Any size residential HVAC project will be considered, as long as it has been installed within the past year. "We look for high quality projects that solve specific home comfort issues, in accordance with recognized industry standards," McIver says.

Other improvements to the entry process include separate categories for geothermal and hydronic/radiant projects. The deadline for 2013 QHCA entries is May 6.

The new Quality Home Comfort Awards entry form can be found by visiting


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