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    APRIL 2013 Products/Showcase Award

    April 5, 2013
    This month we're featuring Mr. Pex Systems' SmartClip System, the winner in the Tool category.
    MrPex SmartClip System Takes Top Prize The SmartClip system is a new system for fastening Pex tubing to wire mesh and rebar. Simply slide SmartClips into the center of the smartclip tool and start fastening the clips to the wire mesh or rebar. The smartclip tool allows contractors to insert the clips while in an upright, standing position, which eliminates back strain. Once the clips are in place, the technician should walk the tubing into place. The SmartClip system features: •
    SmartClip tool height adjusts to fit user • Easy clip loading. Simply drop clip in top of smartclip tool • Can use the same tool for different sized applications.

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    QwikSEER+ WattSaver Converts Standard PCS Motors into Variable-speed
    Mainstream Engineering announces that independent test results of its QwikProducts QwikSEER+WattSaver, show Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) improvements ranging from 7.40% to 12.89%.

    QwikSEER+ is a simple enhancement to existing air conditioning and QwikSEER+heat pump systems with permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors.   Most air conditioning systems are installed with the PSC blower fan motors set to run at a single speed, even though the motor is capable of running multiple speeds. The easily installed QwikSEER+WattSaver control board monitors evaporator coil temperature and humidity levels; the QwikSEER+ then automatically selects the optimal blower speed based on those conditions.

    Using ANSI/ASHRAE 37 standards 
for rating airconditioning and heat 
pump equipment, independent 
test results established that QwikSEER+WattSaver increased EER ratios by 0.73 to 1.54 points. The tests confirmed a reduction in power consumption ranging from 10.87% to 12.45%. QwikSEER+ also demonstrated increased humidity removal rates of 51.78% to 156.76%. This increased moisture removal can significantly improve indoor comfort while also inhibiting the formation of mold, thus improving indoor air quality (IAQ).

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    Taco Releases FuelMizer 
Boiler Reset Control Taco’s FuelMizer outdoor reset switching relay is a microprocessor-based control designed to
    regulate the supply water temperature of a single boiler, based on the outdoor temperature. With reduced supply water temperatures, substantial energy savings are achieved.  

    The FuelMizer is a boiler reset control and switching relay in one unit. It’s ideal for retrofits but may also be used for new installations.

    Including functions such as automatic reset, ratio calculation, warm weather shut-down, minimum boiler temperature settings and boiler differential settings, the FuelMizer’s control monitors both boiler and outdoor sensors. It’s capable of controlling a system or zone valve circulator, as well as over-riding outdoor resets when a domestic hot water (DHW) tank calls for heat.

    The FuelMizer is easy to install and set. Contractor friendly with logical layouts and intuitive, easily customized controls, the FuelMizer will not affect the boiler’s warranty. It includes front-mounted LED lights that provide full diagnostic information.

    According to company sources, typical energy savings are about 14%, though some customers have experienced up to 30% reductions in energy used once the FuelMizer is installed.  
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    Comfort-Aire Introduces Wall-Mounted Room Air Heat Pump The RPHE-093G heat pump combines sleek design with cooling, heating, air filtration, and air circulation capabilities. Heat pump capacity is rated at 9,300 btuh cooling/heating. Two electric heaters for supplemental heat are built in to the sides of the unit and each is rated at 3,400 btuh for 16,100 btuh of integrated heat.

    The unit is ideal for high-end residential and commercial installations, historic buildings where maintaining aesthetics is important, apartment complexes, and any facility with restrictions on outdoor units. Multiple units can be connected to a data network for guest room control, making the RPHE suitable for hotels and motels.

    According to company sources, installation is fast and simple: no refrigerant lines, charging or brazing is required. Installation of the flexible grilles, hoses and condensate drain line can all be done from the inside, if desired. Hang the unit on the mounting bracket, plug in to 208/230 outlet and the unit is ready for operation.

    Features include low ambient heating operation 5F to 125.6F, ECM blower motor for energy efficiency and reliability, and hot-gas bypass that uses an electronic expansion valve for improved heating performance during defrost cycle. 

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    Honeywell Launches Fast Track Program
    Honeywell announces the launch of the new Fast Track Program, an easy-to-use project management and product specification tool for valve and actuator assemblies. Fast Track simplifies the ordering process by turning job estimates into orders and it ensures that Honeywell assembles the exact valve/actuator combination for accurate order delivery and easier installation.

    Honeywell’s Fast Track Program ensures that project information can be saved and easily edited; custom valve and actuator schedules can be created and imported into submittal documents; and project details can be easily transferred to other users to review, edit, approve and order.  In addition, Honeywell helps contractors save even more time right at the jobsite with the Smart Tag feature that’s printed on the packaging and product.  The Smart Tag provides data for each valve/actuator configuration and ensures the configuration gets to the correct job location on time; and that tags can easily be scanned with a smart phone or tablet to show configuration information, technical specifications, and installation instructions.

    From reducing the time needed for creating valve and actuator estimates and preparing job submittals, to more accurate order delivery and easier installation, the Fast Track system creates greater efficiency for contractors.
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