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    Contractingbusiness 2294 Daikinmcquay
    Contractingbusiness 2294 Daikinmcquay
    Contractingbusiness 2294 Daikinmcquay
    Contractingbusiness 2294 Daikinmcquay
    Contractingbusiness 2294 Daikinmcquay

    May 2013 Products/Showcase Award

    May 2, 2013
    This month we're featuring the Trane Nexia Home Intelligence System, the Comfortech Showcase Award winner in the software category.
    Nexia Home Inteligence System Comes Out a Winner Using the Nexia Home Intelligence app, consumers can remotely manage the comfort and
    security of their home, including heating and cooling, door locks, energy usage and more via any web-
enabled computer and most smart phones. Nexia also 
allows consumers to build and customize their own home automation system and run their home from 

    The Nexia app is available for download for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and web-enabled computers. With a single touch or click, the app’s 
climate tab allows the homeowner to check 
current temperatures or adjust the comfort schedule in their home. And when equipped with optional devices like door locks and cameras, Nexia 
provides a holistic self-monitoring solution accessible instantly, from 
anywhere in the world.   trane.com

    Daikin McQuay Makes Customizing Air Handlers a Breeze Daikin McQuay introduces a custom air handler line, which allows units to be designed according to their specification for demanding applications in new or existing buildings.
    With a wide selection of options and unique two inch variable dimensioning, custom-built air handlers provide unlimited configurations, giving engineers and contractors ultimate design flexibility. The Daikin McQuay custom air handler line can even provide a viable solution for demanding applications where increased filtration is needed. With the ability to attain a maximum of Class 6 leakage the units can be customized for use in healthcare facilities, clean rooms or labs.

    The custom air handler line offers ease of installation and service in new construction or existing buildings. With modular design flexibility, engineers have the ability to vary the length, width or height in 2-in. increments, so that custom air handling units can easily be designed to fit into critical spaces and through fixed doorways. And, with options to add access and service vestibules or to choose the type of door handle and swing, accessing and servicing the unit in small or restricted access areas is a snap. Additionally, Daikin McQuay’s low leakage cabinet construction incorporates a patented splice collar design and welded frame channels that eliminate the need for field-installation caulking and associated costs. daikinmcquay.com                 circle 146

    RIDGID Batteries Deliver Improved Technology, Performance New Advanced Lithium 18V batteries from RIDGID are the company’s next generation of
    power-tool battery technology, delivering improved performance and more benefits than their predecessors.  

    Available in two sizes - 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah - the updated batteries provide short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-discharge protection and cell balancing. These batteries also work in much hotter temperatures, ranging from as low as 29F (-20 C) and up to 158F (70C), allowing users to continue working in the most demanding conditions and extreme temperatures. Outside of these temperatures, thermal protection shuts the battery down while over-discharge protection eliminates the trickle effect.

    The 2.0 Ah battery, which comes standard with all RIDGID battery-powered press tools, can provide more than 200 presses per charge while the 4.0 Ah battery can deliver more than 400 presses per charge.  Both batteries have a lifespan of 400-500 charges.

    Users will realize further performance upgrades in the new advanced lithium battery charger, which is backwards compatible with existing 18V batteries. According to company sources, charge time is more than 50% quicker with advanced lithium batteries and chargers.  Specifically, 30 minutes for the 2.0 Ah batteries and 45 minutes with the 4.0 Ah batteries.
    In addition to Press Tools, Advanced Lithium batteries are the company’s new standard battery offering for RIDGID SeekTech underground utility locating devices.  ridgid.com
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    Greenheck Expands Laboratory Exhaust Fan Line with the Vektor-MH Greenheck’s Vektor-MH mixed flow, high plume laboratory exhaust fan offers yet another performance option within the Vektor lab fan line. The Vektor-MH features a mixed flow wheel and high plume discharge with capacities up to 60,000 cfm and 8-in. wg.  The plume’s conical discharge nozzle, with multiple nozzle sections per fan size for increased efficiency, uses a bifurcated opening allowing easy access to belts and motors located away from the contaminated air stream.  Available in 10 sizes, the Vektor-MH is ideal for medium to high-volume laboratory applications with mid to high static pressure requirements found in hospital labs, university labs, pharmaceutical companies, bio-tech companies and research facilities.greenheck.com circle 148