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May 16, 2024

Making an Irresistible Offer

May 22, 2013
How do you make an irresistible offer? What do you need to include? How do you add value you to your product and service? It all starts with knowing your customer. If you know what motivates them, it’s easier for you to reach out and push their hot buttons.

I watched one of my favorite movies again recently. It’s the epic crime saga The Godfather. There are so many classic lines from that movie, such as “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” Or, “It’s a Sicilian message; Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.” To me, the film represents missed opportunities. What would have happened if Sonny hadn’t let Sollozzo know what he was thinking? What would have happened if Fredo had been able to pull his weapon and defend his father? What would have happened if Sonny had waited for his bodyguards to go with him instead of rushing off to his sister’s side? What would have happened if Michael had been able to save his first wife? So many things could have been different for the family.

One of my favorite lines occurs in the beginning of the film at the wedding when Don Corleone, tells his Godson Johnny Fontane to eat and rest well and that in a month he’s going to get that picture deal. Johnny tells his Godfather that the picture starts shooting next week to which Don Corleone replies, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Secretly I think we all like the idea of making an offer they can’t refuse.

As in the movie, what opportunities are you missing in your business that can add more to your bottom line? How can you make your customers a legitimate offer they can’t refuse? What can you do to sweeten your promotion? What are your customers’ hot buttons? What makes them buy a new system? What makes them come to you for service? How can you make them an offer they can’t refuse?

How do you make an irresistible offer? What do you need to include? How do you add value you to your product and service? It all starts with knowing your customer. If you know what motivates them, it’s easier for you to reach out and push their hot buttons.

I’m always saying cash is king in my world, and it just might be king in your customers’ world too. One thing about human nature is people always want to feel like they have gotten a sweet deal or something for nothing. Looking at your own organization, what can you offer or add to the deal to make your customers feel as if they are getting an offer they can’t refuse? Dr. Lisa Lang calls them Mafia Offers. She defines them as, “An offer so good that your customers can’t refuse it and your competition can’t or won’t offer the same.”

I like that definition particularly the part that says your competition can’t or won’t offer the same thing. Contrary to what I said earlier about cash being king, in reality, this can’t be about price. It has to be about value, what value are you adding to what you do. Can you offer a money back guarantee? Can you make your service so safe that a customer would be a fool to not use your company?

I once worked for a company that offered a 55-year warranty on geothermal ground loops for those who used its contractors and its products. It was a great deal because the homeowner paid for the warranty and the company had no negative exposure as long as the loop was installed properly and pressure tested before filling. Short of somebody digging up the pipe, nothing could go wrong with it once it was installed in the ground. It offered peace of mind for the customer and money in the bank of the manufacturer.

What do you have in your business that you could offer? Maybe you could offer a lifetime warranty on your duct installation. What other things could you do to add value to your company offers? Making an offer your customers can’t refuse is all about adding value.

Pull your team together and hold a brainstorming session or two or three. What value-adds can you offer customers that your competition will not be able to or will not want to copy? What’s important to your market segment? How can you position your business to make irresistible offers? For this tactic to work, the answers have to come from within. You have to develop what works best for your business.

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