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A Service Story

May 16, 2024

Finding Your Business Passion

May 22, 2013

Passion for employees, passion for the customer, and passion for the company are what separate the great companies from the good ones.

It’s important to remember that the employees who are closest to the customer usually know what is needed to “wow” the customer. Be sure you’re listening to their passion.

The proper treatment of employees leads to the proper treatment and subsequent passion for the customers. Happy employees rub off on customers and help make the interaction with the company a pleasurable experience. Having employees go the extra mile with customers separates your company from the competition, thus creating uniqueness. This is critical in a day when most companies appear to be the same.

Finally, the company performance is greatly enhanced by the combination of happy employees and satisfied customers. This equation is in effect: Happy employees (E) x Satisfied customers (C) = Profitable Performance Company (P). The increasing of employee or customer’s engagement will drive up the performance number. Therefore it is critical to have a passion for the employee, customer, and the business.

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