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    45 Reasons Why You Should “Skip” – Yes, Skip Comfortech

    June 19, 2013
    Contractors are already registering for Comfortech in Philadelphia, September 18-20.  While it may be the best opportunity to learn how to improve your business this year, you should skip it.  After all, it takes work to improve.  It’s much easier to maintain the status woe, right?  No?  Okay, if complacency’s a good enough reason to skip Comfortech, here are 44 additional reasons.

    1.    You worry that if you learn how to make more money, you will become a target of the IRS.

    2.    You have no interest in an exit strategy.

    3.    You like paying more for stuff than your competitors.

    4.    You don’t think there’s a better way to do anything.

    5.    You already have all of the answers.

    6.    You think selling is beneath you.

    7.    You don’t want a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas to meet and have dinner with the Pawn Stars.

    8.    You don’t care what Ron Smith has to say about the business of contracting.

    9.    You don’t want a chance to win a Harley Davidson.

    10.    You don’t believe in marketing.

    11.    You prefer to learn about innovative products after they become broadly accepted and are no longer considered innovative.

    12.    You think smart phones are dumb.

    13.    You prefer the comfort of your comfort zone.

    14.    You will be too busy in mid-September to break away for three days.

    15.    You prefer to do what you’ve always done (and get what you’ve always got).

    16.    You don’t think Charlie Greer has any good ideas for getting your technicians to sell more.

    17.    You don’t think anyone can prosper in this economy.

    18.    You like turning a wrench more than turning a profit.

    19.    You don’t want to learn how to buy a competitor.

    20.    Your service agreement program cannot be improved.

    21.    You own a job, not a business… and like it that way.

    22.    You feel good about subsidizing your customers by charging too little.

    23.    You’re too afraid of bed bugs to risk staying in a hotel.

    24.    You will never use tablets in your company.

    25.    You doubt an HVAC contractor can make money installing solar.

    26.    You might make friends with other contractors, making it harder to hate all of your contractor competitors.

    27.    You think Stephen Covey was wrong about the need to “sharpen the saw.”

    28.    You already know all about the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare) and how it will impact your business.

    29.    You don’t need to learn about new ways to find technicians.

    30.    Your phone rings too much now.

    31.    You don’t think there’s anything interesting in Philadelphia.

    32.    You aren’t interesting in learning how contractors get cash back on purchases through buying groups.

    33.    You’re trying to save your way to prosperity.

    34.    You get bored by variable refrigerant flow and inverter technology.

    35.    You’re afraid you might miss an episode of Duck Dynasty.

    36.    You already book every call.

    37.    You’re unmotivated about the need to seek motivation.

    38.    You don’t think you are worth the investment (Yikes!  Really?).

    39.    You don’t have any question you would like to ask top industry executives.

    40.    You hate Philly Cheese Steaks.

    41.    You don’t believe technicians should be trained.

    42.    You have no interest in learning about advances in control technology (e.g., Internet thermostats).

    43.    You stopped learning long ago and see no reason to start now.

    44.    You think there’s nothing to learn from the nation’s most successful contractors.

    Hopefully, you figured out this list was made tongue-in-cheek.  Clearly, none of these are reasons to skip Comfortech.  Well, they aren’t good reasons.  If you inverse them, you paint a pretty compelling picture for attending.  

    It’s not too early to make plans.  Yes, Comfortech is three months away, but hotel rooms are already getting booked.  Plus, if you make plans now, you can take advantage of the fare sales many airlines are currently running.  

    This year Comfortech is going to be bigger and better than ever.  Take the plunge, make the commitment, and join me at Comfortech in September.


    Register through the Service Roundtable for the guaranteed lowest price.  Be sure to attend the Service Roundtable’s International Roundtable starting the morning of September 18 to hear Mark Matteson and Charlie Greer as opening and closing keynotes.  Matt Michel will also be speaking on marketing.  John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, will keynote the Service Nation Alliance Day September 17.  Call 877.262.3341 for more information.