August 2013 HVAC Products/Showcase Award

July 28, 2013
This month, we’re featuring Trion’s ComfortBreeze humidifier, the winner in the Indoor Air Quality category.
Trion Takes Top Prize in IAQ Category Trion IAQ introduces its latest innovation in residential indoor air quality. The
ComfortBreeze evaporative humidifier line combines advanced microprocessor control with conventional evaporative technology. ComfortBreeze units are available with optional patent pending ComfortSmart technology to minimize water consumption while successfully maintaining a comfortable humidity in the home. Water-saving models come equipped with an electronic humidistat and outdoor temperature reset to protect the home from condensation problems that can arise when the outdoor air temperatures fall.

Features & benefits include:
• Environmentally Friendly - ComfortBreeze humidifiers consume less than 100 watts of electricity and ComfortSmart technology translates into water savings while maintaining optimal performance.

• Versatile Installation - Fan-powered models are compatible with any type furnace system – single stage, variable speed and modulating.www.trioniaq.comCircle 145
HotRod Universal Hot Surface Ignitor – 
Replaces Most Silicon Carbide Ignitors White-Rodgers announces that its popular universal nitride ignitor replacement will be named HotRod universal hot surface ignitor and packaged for contractors in a single pack as 21D64-2, and in a new truck stock five-pack carton as 21D64-5PK.

The HotRod universal hot surface ignitor (21D64-2) is the same replacement ignitor that contractors rely on to replace more than 150 different silicon carbide ignitors in gas-fired forced-air furnaces, water heaters and boilers. HotRod universal ignitors have demonstrated gas-lighting reliability over years of installations and in some very challenging applications. The HotRod ignitor is backed with a five-year warranty.

According to company sources, the ignitor provides more than twice the ignition surface area than the competition, and the simplified design of the mounting bracket makes installation fast and easy across a wide range of equipment and applications. Better ignitor and bracket design makes complicated cross references and ignitor illustrations unnecessary.    circle 146

New Compact Swage Tool From hilmor The hilmor Compact Swage tool has the power to knock out a 1-5/8-in. swage in
one shot, and the precision to swage a 5/16-in. tube without a kink or a crack. Its streamlined design allows it to fit in the tightest of spaces, and perform flawlessly while up on a ladder, sources say. The Compact Swage tool will reduce on-the-job fatigue with its easy setup and one-handed operation, made possible by an innovative hydraulic mechanism and simple release button.

The ergonomic grip allows the user to swage without putting extra strain on their hands. The Compact Swage tool is equipped for multiple sizes. Just select the correct head, place it on the tool and with a few simple pumps, the swage is complete.
circle 147

New dESCO Field Service Management Software Release: ESC version 13
dESCO, LLC. releases the latest version of their service management solution— ESC version 13. This release includes enhancements and added features to ESC desktop software and ESC Mobile for smartphones, tablets and laptops.
According to company sources, dESCO continues to build upon what ESC service management software already does best — give service companies an easy, efficient way to manage their customers, work and finances in one solution. ESC version 13 incorporates user feedback, ideas from networking groups and historical industry expertise to create a software solution that everyone will love.

New features and enhancements in this version include:
• QR & Bar Code Scanning — Scan a part or serial number to quickly find and add items on quotes and invoices.

• Accept/Reject Items on Quotes — Present a complete quote with the ability to select items customers want with the final price adjusting accordingly. Rejected items are saved in the customer account, allowing you to review these items on future visits.

• Capture Customer Work Authorization & Acceptance Signatures — Once a quote is accepted by a customer, capture an authorization signature before work is preformed. The pre-work and post-work customer signatures can be added to appear on the final invoice.
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