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September 2013 HVAC Products/Showcase Awards

Sept. 12, 2013
This month, we’re featuring Regal Beloit’s Genteq Tutorial App, the winner in the Training category.
Genteq Tutorial 1.1 App Takes Top Prize in Training Category Genteq introduces its e-lab service training app featuring trainer Christopher Mohalley. The e-lab
courses are created for technicians, service managers, distributors and manufacturer reps. With this new app, users can take the videos wherever they go, whether they need a refresher while servicing a customer, or have a little free time and want to learn more. The app is not just about Genteq’s replacement motors, it also has tutorials for OEM products. Users learn how to install, service, and maintain ECM motors. According to company sources, the knowledge gained from e-lab is beneficial to technicians at all experience 
levels. The app is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android.www. 145
New Self-Sensing Series from Taco The Taco Self-Sensing series with ProBalance integrates Taco KV or KS pumps with a variable frequency drive. Self-Sensing ProBalance pumps allow the installer to accomplish easy do-it-yourself system balancing for both constant flow central plant applications and variable flow building distribution applications. According to company sources, the system greatly reduces balancing contractor costs at commissioning or start-up.

Pump performance curves are embedded in the memory of the speed controller. During operation, pump power and speed are monitored, enabling the controller to establish the hydraulic performance and position in the pump’s head-flow characteristic. This enables the pump to continuously identify required head and flow at any point, providing accurate pressure control without the need for external sensor feedback.  

SelfSensing SKV pumps are available in sizes from1.5-hp to 10-hp.  The SKS line is available from 1.5-hp to 60-hp. Models up to 600-hp will be available in 2014.      
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Mitsubishi Electric Introduces meVIEW AR iPad App The new meVIEW AR app provides homeowners and professionals with an augmented reality visualization of a Mitsubishi Electric ductless product positioned within a desired space.

Available for use with iPad via the meSync custom enterprise app program, meVIEW AR allows the contractor to show a homeowner a model of a Mitsubishi Electric indoor or outdoor unit in the actual space through the iPad camera. The meVIEW AR app has evolved from the original meVIEW app, launched in 2011, which allowed users to take photographs and insert product models into the frame. This more dynamic augmented reality app shows the indoor and outdoor models from all angles.
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