AHR Expo 2014: Still No Stopping Trane Product Innovations

Jan. 22, 2014
On display at AHR Expo 2014, Trane’s new TruComfort XV-S variable speed system is undertaking the challenge to deliver industry-leading efficiencies of up to27.5 SEER.
Trane's new XV20i.
Trane's Nexia provides remote control via any web-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.

All this week, during AHR Expo 2014 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City, Trane has been previewing its latest and greatest heating and cooling innovations. Products showcased at the Trane booth (No. 1302) include the award-winning TruComfort line of variable speed air conditioners and heat pumps; an industry-leading, never-before-seen HVAC product; a new dealer diagnostic tool, and much more.
Trane Calls it a Kind of 'Cruise Control'
Trane’s all-new, state-of-the-art TruComfort system delivers precise and consistent comfort by running its compressors at the exact speed needed to keep homes comfortable, staying within 1/2 degree of the selected comfort setting.
Conventional HVAC systems operate much like a car engine in stop-and-go traffic; they constantly start and stop until the targeted temperature is reached. In comparison, Trane TruComfort variable speed technology operates in an efficient manner similar to a vehicle at highway speeds while on cruise control. Featuring a ComfortLinkTM II Communicating Control Board with a refrigerant cooled inverter, it consistently optimizes its run speed, often at lower outputs, to provide continuous comfort within a half degree of the targeted temperature. This eliminates uncomfortable temperature swings and provides more energy-efficient, quieter operation.
“Trane TruComfort represents our commitment to innovation. It provides homeowners with unstoppable comfort and value,” says Kenneth Schoeneck, Ingersoll Rand vice president of engineering and technology. “We’re pleased to be showcasing it at the AHR Expo, the largest show in the HVAC industry.”
Variable speed technology is not new for Trane. Trane was the first HVAC manufacturer to apply variable speed technology to residential cooling in the early 1990s. Now, in its 101st year, Trane has perfected the technology with the TruComfort XV20i and XV18 air conditioners and heat pumps. And because TruComfort variable speed technology works seamlessly with Trane’s ComfortLink II Control and Nexia Home Intelligence smart home system, homeowners can manage their home’s heating and cooling remotely via any Web-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.
Introducing the New TruComfort XV-S
Building on its history of cutting-edge innovations, Trane’s new TruComfort XV-S variable speed system is undertaking the challenge to deliver industry-leading efficiencies of up to27.5 SEER. The product represents Trane’s next generation platform that builds upon the TruComfort variable speed technology used in the XV18 and XV20i. The XV-S demonstrates the scalability of TruComfort technology,which can be applied in the 17-21 SEER segment, as well as in ultra high-efficiency systems like XV-S.
Trane focused its initial launch of TruComfort technology on the 17 to 21 SEER segment due to its market size, delivering the ultimate in home comfort at an attainable price point for homeowners. With the XV-S, Trane aims to serve the premium 22+ SEER segment with unrivaled efficiency and comfort.
New Diagnostic Technology Makes Maintenance and Repairs Easier
In 2014, Trane will roll out new technology that enables Trane dealers to remotely view live data directly from their participating customers’ HVAC systems that are controlled by Trane Smart Controls and Nexia Home Intelligence. Using the diagnostic tool, dealers can increase productivity, quality of service, and improve customer loyalty and differentiation, which enables dealers to:

  • Check system data in real timewhen the homeowner calls with a problem or question;
  • Use the system in conjunction with annual maintenance plans to review system performance prior to visiting thehome;
  • Proactively identify trends oralerts that may lead to potential system issues and contact the homeowner to make them aware of the issue; and
  • Review the system performance after an installation or service call for quality control purposes to help verify that the changes were effective.

For more information about Trane TruComfort and other 2014 new products and services, visit the Trane booth or stay tuned for updates on