2014 AHR Expo: Panasonic Introduces ECOi EX Series VFR/Heat Pump

Jan. 28, 2014
According to company sources meeting with contractors during the 2014 AHR Expo in New York City, Panasonic’s combined ECOi EX 2-way conditioning solution is ideal for large capacity jobs because it offers superior heating and cooling along with cost-effective installation.

The Panasonic Heating & Air Conditioning Group of Panasonic Eco Solutions North America has successfully achieved industry-leading energy saving performance with the launch of its ECOi EX Series at the 2014 AHR Expo, held Jan. 21-23 in New York City. With combined 2-way ECOi VRF heat pumps, the new all-inverter compressor — with improved combined triple-surface heat exchanger and medium cooling capacity — ensures ultimate efficiency for numerous commercial and premium residential applications.

"Offering enhanced energy efficiencies, the ECOi EX Series was built to Panasonic’s highest level of quality standards,” said Mark O’Donnell, general manager of Panasonic Heating & Air Conditioning Group Solutions. “We believe that makes these systems the best built systems in the industry."

Panasonic sources message to HVACR contractors streaming in and around the Panasonic exhibit area was that Panasonic’s combined ECOi EX 2-way conditioning solution is ideal for large capacity jobs because it offers superior heating and cooling along with cost-effective installation. The 2-way mini ECOi is a 2-pipe heat pump specifically designed with numerous commercial and premium residential applications in mind. Mini ECOi is available in two sizes with cooling capacities of up to nine indoor connectable units.

For buildings requiring simultaneous heating and cooling, Panasonic’s 3-way ECOi system provides the perfect solution. Commercial office buildings as well as hotels, nursing homes and other large commercial spaces deal with occupants who want different levels of heating and cooling to be distributed simultaneously. The heat recovery system in the 3-way ECOi VRF Series offers the perfect solution for stabilizing the air temperature by providing all the features of a heat pump system. The system also offers the added flexibility of simultaneous cooling and heating from one refrigerant pipe network.

Modular Design Benefits
According to sources, ECOi EX is an ideal commercial building solution for contractors and engineers, due in part to its modular design and ease of installation. It’s space-saving, environmentally friendly designs also help ensure continued energy savings, making it easier for architects to spec into their plans. This series reduces infrastructure space requirements, minimizes energy loss, achieves accurate zone control and reduces maintenance, all while offering an overall enhanced level of comfort for occupants.

The ECOi EX uses core technologies to make energy saving possible and promote smooth exhaust flow; a dual large-capacity invertor compressor and combined triple-surface heat exchanger achieves high efficiency piping patterns that increase heat exchange performance by 5%.

ECOi EX offers multiple applications and installation configurations. In an effort to reduce air resistance, a single-surface fan guard is used instead of a 3-dimensional guard with five surfaces. And a new curved bell mouth assures smooth exhaust flow. Both of these technologies result in prevented swirling and an increased flow rate.

Intelligent controls ensure individual zone temperature control, allowing each room to be adjusted for personalized comfort. The high 80Pa external static pressure maintains performance in winds, making it ideal for large high-rise buildings.