Help HVACR Techs Avoid Falls With 'MudFlinger'

March 19, 2014
A new product, the 'MudFlinger' Flying Saucer boot cleaner, helps prevent slips and falls.

The MudFlinger "flying saucer," a portable boot cleaner designed to keep workers safe, is part of the MudKill line of products which also includes brushes, discs and cleaning stations for muddy boots.

The patented MudFlinger "flying saucer" has gripper cleats on the bottom to hold it in place on any surface, including concrete, wood, gravel, grass or even snow, while the worker rubs his boots on
a surface with more than 150 tuff-flex polymer cones that scrub every crack and crevice of the boots' soles.

"These products will save American companies millions and millions of dollars, when you figure in the cost of injuries and workplace cleanup," says Donny Beaver, CEO and co-founder of HalenHardy LLC, the parent company of MudKill. "But our main goal is to create a safer environment for the average working man and woman."
Here's a video for the MudFlinger:


Using base figures of 111 precipitation days, 10 million construction workers and three ounces of mud per boot, the experts from MudKill estimate that the average worker's boots collect 46 pounds of mud a year, enough to fill 416,250 half-ton pickup trucks, stretching bumper to bumper from New York to Dallas.