Johnson Controls Releases Wi-Fi Remote Control for Coleman HVAC Systems

April 8, 2014
The Coleman Echelon Communicating Control offers an intuitive interface and remote access. Easy-to-configure by using contractor-accessible menus.

The new Wi-Fi-capable Coleman Echelon Residential Communicating Control from Johnson Controls provides homeowners with remote access to the control system from their smartphone or tablet device using the IntelliComfort mobile app, allowing them to easily monitor the status of every enabled system device—from the air conditioner to the furnace to the air handler to the heat pump.

The Coleman Echelon Communicating Control offers an intuitive interface and remote access which makes installation and troubleshooting routines easy. In addition, with familiar four-wire connections to all Coleman Echelon gas furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps and air handlers, as well as a plug and play design, the device instantly syncs with an integrated control that connects each piece of intelligent equipment.

Configuration of the unit is easy through contractor-accessible menus. Thermostat fault features can be accessed to let contractors:

  • Set the level of information displayed if a fault occurs. For example, create simple generic messages for faults that require service—or create more detailed notifications for customers who live outside a regular service area to determine the level of service required.
  • Set up the profile with their company information and logo so if a fault occurs, contractor contact information is displayed and customers know who to call.

Homeowners will appreciate the “Quick Heat and Cool” feature which temporarily puts the heating or cooling mode at the highest capacity, as well as multiple schedules and daily events that can be easily programmed to help reduce their utility bills. Precise comfort levels for up to six zones within a home can be programmed from a single touch screen.

Contractors can ask homeowners to provide them with access to automated system faults and notification alerts via email.