Goodman Global Group Names CEO

April 9, 2014
Ebisu has been a key contributor to Daikin, and has a firm grasp of Goodman’s business. He was instrumental in the acquisition of Goodman in late 2012. David Swift will serve in an advisory role outside of the industry.

Goodman Global Group, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of HVAC products, announced that, effective April 17, 2014, it has named Takeshi Ebisu the President and Chief Executive Officer of Goodman and a member of its Board of Directors. Ebisu brings more than 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry. Current President and Chief Executive Officer, David L. Swift, will continue to support the Daikin Group in an advisory role and will be taking a consulting position outside of the industry.

"I am thrilled to become Goodman’s new President and Chief Executive Officer," said Ebisu. "Goodman and Daikin are uniquely positioned. When Goodman became a member of the Daikin Group in 2012, an organization with unrivaled potential was created. I am very proud to lead the Goodman team in pursuing business opportunities and serving customers.”      

David Swift added, “Daikin has selected an outstanding successor. Mr. Ebisu has been a key contributor to Daikin and has a firm grasp of Goodman’s business. He was instrumental in the acquisition of Goodman in late 2012. We have just concluded an excellent fiscal year which will serve as a solid foundation for Goodman’s future success. I feel very privileged to have served as Goodman’s CEO for six years and I look forward to supporting the continued growth of Daikin in my new advisory role.”  

Speaking on behalf of Daikin Industries Ltd., the company's Chief Executive Officer, Noriyuki Inoue, agreed, “Mr. Ebisu will be an outstanding addition to the management team at Goodman. While I surely will miss working with Mr. Swift, I respect his decision. I believe Mr. Ebisu will be a strong leader of Goodman, building on Mr. Swift’s management philosophy, and contribute to the success of not only Goodman but the entire Daikin Group globally.”

Ebisu, a native of Hyogo, Japan, was educated at Kyoto University and earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Nuclear Engineering. Ebisu joined Daikin in the mechanical engineering laboratory. He has moved quickly up the ranks at Daikin over the past 25 years, holding operational as well as strategy and planning roles, including assignments in North America. He has led the formation of the medium-term strategic management plans for the Daikin Group worldwide since 2005. Prior to this assignment, Ebisu was Executive Vice President, Director, and Member of the Board for Daikin.