Best Websites for HVAC Contractor Visibility

April 17, 2014
To improve the online presence of your HVAC business, you must establish a presence on major consumer search websites.

Ed. note: rankings of these websites are based on "domain authority" and "page authority" ratings.

A key step in finding new customers for your HVAC business is to improve your Internet presence on key websites that consumers consult when seeking a contractor.

More and more people choose the contractors they would like to hire with a simple online search, and there are a vast number of websites that offer contractors listings. Many offer options to compare services and prices. With such great capabilities, these resources are gradually becoming the number one place where customers look for quality contracting service, including HVAC contractors.

Become listed on as many websites as possible, so that your customers can find you with ease and can see the level of services you offer through customer reviews and ratings. Don’t forget that in order to get listed by contractor websites, you need to be licensed as a HVAC contractor in your state and have the legal right to operate there.

Here are four of the best contractor listing websites in the US. Registering your business on them will lead to better visibility, a stronger online presence and hopefully more customers on a steady basis.


Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) a great place to get your HVAC contractor business listed. With domain authority of 73 (out of 100) and page authority of 78 (out of 100) as measured by the Open Site Explorer, the ACCA website is a logical place to be listed. High domain authority and page authority ratings mean a website is reliable and well-positioned. The ACCA Facebook page has 7,495 likes, and is well-connected, frequently visited and considered an authority in the field. ACCA is also on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

To get listed, you need to become an ACCA member. The fees can be seen once you get your registration started and will vary depending on your company.

#2 Networx

Networx offers listings for a variety of contractors, including HVAC, carpenters, plumbers and many more specialties. It also includes reviews and ratings by homeowners, so it will help grow and solidify your reputation. With domain authority of 67 and page authority of 64, Networx is the second-best choice for your HVAC contractor business listing. The network has a strong Facebook presence with 11,426 likes and active user participation.

HVAC contractors need to be state licensed to qualify. They also need to follow the Networx Quality Code, which ensures the contractors who are listed are of high standard. You can get listed by filling the online application form or calling Networx.

#3 provides consumers with comparisons of more than 45,000 boilers, air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps. Besides that, it gives them the possibility to choose a HVAC contractor from their insider listings. The site’s domain authority is 38 and page authority is 48, which means that they are the next choice in line for your business. is also on Facebook, but they have only 101 likes, which means they are still developing their engagement there. The site is also present on Twitter and Google+.

To get listed on, it’s best to contact them directly, as they don’t seem to offer an online form for registration for contractors.

(Editor's note: Consumers must be aware that the HVAC contractor is the expert when it comes to choosing the actual equipment that is best for their home. Many HVAC contractors tell their customers to avoid shopping by price without full knowlege of each system's features and benefits.)


#4 The Home Fixers

The Home Fixers website offers listing options for HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and painters. The website has domain authority of 22 and page authority of 33. It also has a Facebook page with 121 likes and a Twitter account.

In order to get your HVAC business listed, you need to register online. Having a profile at Home Fixers automatically includes customer reviews on your business’ page. From there you can also offer discounts to attract more new customers. The website helps people get connected with local HVAC contractors, so you stand a better chance of getting work in your area.

Ready to take your HVAC contractor business to new heights? Get started today with these top 4 listing websites to grow your customer base and increase your online presence.

Ralitsa Golemanova is a writer with diverse background ranging from media and communications through politics to social research. She has extensive experience in blogging on economic and construction topics. She’s also a regular contributor to the JW Surety Bonds blog.