Today's 'Must-see' Tweets in HVAC

May 19, 2014
Have a look at these morning tweets related to the HVACR industry.
Trane's 'Accleration Tour' winds its way through the New York and surrounding regions in early June. This Trane "triple tweet" package provides links.
DeLong HVAC in Springfield, OH shares a very comprehensive chart on pinterest that depicts where energy is used in a home. Many uses can be energy wasters.
'spiked!' (the name refers to the act of killing a news story) features journalist Thilo Spahl's interview with Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore, on the unfortunate mutation of environmentalism. HVACR-related? Yes, because energy policy will affect homeowners who have to pay more for re-engineered comfort products, or, perhaps, carbon taxes. It will also affect freedom in many other areas, too.
HPAC Engineering Editor Scott Arnold has posted a photo gallery that shows the air dispersion qualities of fabric duct.
One of our past Residential Contractors of the Year, Jerry Kelly Co., is using Twitter more frequently, to share customer praise for the company's technicians.
A Birthday Salute to David Burd, owner of Service Heat and Air, Inc., Chattanooga, TN.
Stewart Geothermal of Georgia provides a link to a WaterFurnace calculator, to determine geothermal savings.
"Come out to the coast!" For a "Monday Movie" treat, you'll dig Ron Wilkinson's article in HPAC Engineering on how movies use — or misuse — HVAC systems to tell their stories.