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May 16, 2024
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There's an App for That: 'workCITE' App Manages HVAC Service Steps

July 29, 2014
"workCITE" Advantages include: Streamlined communication between dispatchers and field technicians. Streamlined communication between field technicians and customers. Streamlined billing.

CrossFleet, a Northwest Arkansas-based mobile tech startup firm, is reportedly making waves in the field service industry with its field service mobile app, called "workCITE."

The “workCITE” app allows HVAC contractors, plumbing contractors and others to electronically manage their service business from first call to final invoice, including scheduling jobs, tracking work orders, and managing invoices.
workCITE features: 1. Streamlines Communication Between Dispatchers and Field Technicians: using the app dispatchers can set up new jobs with their field technicians; communicate with technicians and update job status in real-time. In addition, after job is completed, technicians can communicate to their dispatchers to confirm. 2. Streamlines Communication Between Field Technicians and Customers: the app allows the field technician to easily access customer information (which is constantly updated by the dispatcher as necessary), confirm appointments, schedule follow-ups and track before and after photos. 3. Streamlines Billing: workCite speeds up billing and payment cycles and automatically updates customer records.Click here for access to try the workCITE savings calculator.