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Guitar closeup Comfortech 2014 in Nashville TN

Comfortech Leadership Symposium: A Call for HVAC Industry Questions

Aug. 12, 2014
Ask the leadership of key manufacturers those burning industry issues that are top-of-mind for you, your employees, and your business. Submit questions here or to Mike Weil, Editorial Director. See you in Nashville for Comfortech 2014 and the Industry Leadership Symposium.

For the second time, Comfortech is hosting an Industry Leadership Symposium where top executives representing manufacturers in the HVAC, Plumbing, and Hydronics industries will take on questions submitted by contractors.

For attendees to this year's Comfortech event in Nashville, TN, this is an outstanding opportunity for you to hear and interact with these manufacturing executives in a question-and-answer format that will be facilitated by both Contracting and Contractor magazines.

What companies will be represented on the panel?

  • Emerson Climate Technologies
  • Danfoss
  • Rheem
  • Trane/Ingersoll Rand
  • Mitsubishi HVAC

Plus one or two others.

Now is the time to submit questions that are important to you, your employees, and your businesses.

The executives will offer their insight on the mechanical systems marketplace of today and tomorrow, tackling questions that can range from the state of the economy to the impact on your businesses of legislative issues such as energy efficiency, water conservation, and more.

If you have questions that you'd like to ask, whether you're attending the event or not, here is the place to ask them. Please post your questions here or send them directly to Mike Weil, editorial director of Contracting

We will accept questions through September 2nd.

When you ask your question, please include your name and company name and city/state in which you are located.

The Industry Leadership Symposium will be held on Wednesday, September 10th from 4:15 to 5:15 PM.