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What kind of marketing strategy have you been using this year

Marketing a Contracting Business in 2015

Feb. 12, 2015

What kind of marketing strategy have you been using this year? If you have a hard time answering that (or even if you have a pretty good idea), take a read through a recent column on Contractor Magazine by Josh Nelson, Marketing Strategist for Plumber & HVAC SEO.

Nelson said it is a good idea for contracting businesses to have a Pay-Per-Click strategy in concert with search engine optimization in order to obtain two key marketing benefits:

  1. An opportunity to show up twice as customers are searching for what you do. With the right strategy you can show up both in the paid listings and organic non-paid listings. Studies have shown that this actually has a synergistic effect, meaning that rather than simply doubling your chances of getting clicks to your site it actually more than doubles the chance.
  2. You can show up for words that you would not be able to rank for organically. Even with the best SEO strategy you won’t be able to rank for a keyword like “plumber” or “AC repair” because those searches don’t contain a geo modifier. With pay-per-click advertising you can set up your campaign to ensure that you rank for those broad searches to those who search from your service area (based on their IP address).

Read more from Nelson on Contractor’s website and let us know; what has made the difference for you in marketing your contracting business? We’d love to hear your stories.