Breezeworks Adds On-Site Estimating to Smartphone App

April 13, 2015
To create an estimate, Breezeworks users simply generate a customer file, then follow on-screen prompts to fill in materials, labor and others costs.

Breezeworks has added what sources describe as best-in-class estimate functionality to its comprehensive smartphone business management application for service professionals.

Breezeworks provides real-time job management, including a daily project calendar.

Breezeworks Estimates allows businesses and independent service professionals to rapidly create customer-ready estimates, allowing them to expedite the estimating process and book more jobs, faster. As a leader of the emerging trend of mobile field management software, Breezeworks offers a low-cost, full-featured business management tool that enables service professionals to run their entire business from a smartphone. The addition of the estimates feature follows closely on the heels of several recent enhancements including camera-phone credit card scan processing, reduced payment processing rates and streamlined scheduling.

“Our primary goal at Breezeworks is to give our service pro customers what they need to save time, increase profits and grow their businesses,” said Mathew Cowan, CEO and co-founder of Breezeworks. “As the number one feature request from our customers, we knew it was important to deliver the most complete estimating tool on the market and seamlessly integrate it with the rest of our feature set. Breezeworks customers can now use the estimating tool to quickly and easily develop an on premise estimate, getting to ‘yes’ quicker and ultimately booking more work," Cowan said.

Since its launch in late 2014, Breezeworks has obtained customers in all 50 states. Now, plumbers, electricians, HVACR business owners, or any other mobile professional can use Breezeworks as a complete end-to-end solution for

  • estimating and winning new jobs
  • scheduling appointments
  • real-time job management
  • collecting payment
  • minimizing customer no-shows
  • navigating traffic
  • capturing repeat business
  • following up with customers.

To create an estimate, Breezeworks users simply generate a customer file, then follow on-screen prompts to fill in materials, labor and others costs, and can then instantly present a complete estimate for customer approval.

“While Breezeworks can increase revenue by up to 30% and substantially reduce administrative tasks, we also feel it is important that our customers are able to capture all the benefits and profits derived from our software,” said Breezeworks co-founder and CTO Adam Block. “Even as our feature set expands, Breezeworks still charges a low monthly rate, with no additional fees, percentages or overhead.”

The Breezeworks Smartphone Business Manager is available for download at and from the Apple iOS App Store or from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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